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Luce Caputo, Maria; Baldi, Enrico; Savastano, Simone; Burkart, Roman; Benvenuti, Claudio; Klersy, Catherine; Cianella, Roberto; Anselmi, Luciano; Moccetti, Tiziano; Mauri, Romano; De Ferrari, Gaetano M; Auricchio, Angelo (2019). Validation of the return of spontaneous circulation after cardiac arrest (RACA) score in two different national territories. Resuscitation, 134:62-68.

Özkartal, Tardu; Regoli, François; Conte, Giulio; Caputo, Maria Luce; Klersy, Catherine; Moccetti, Tiziano; Auricchio, Angelo (2018). New onset of phrenic nerve palsy after laser-assisted transvenous lead extraction: a single-centre experience. Europace, 20(11):1827-1832.

Biasco, Luigi; Pedrazzini, Giovanni; De Backer, Ole; Klersy, Catherine; Bellesi, Luca; Presilla, Stefano; Badini, Matteo; Faletra, Francesco; Pasotti, Elena; Ferrari, Enrico; Demertzis, Stefanos; Moccetti, Tiziano; Aviano, Davide; Moccetti, Marco (2018). Radiological exposure of patients undergoing transcatheter aortic valve implantation in contemporary practice. Journal of Cardiovascular Medicine, 19(10):579-585.

Caputo, Maria Luce; van Stipdonk, Antonius; Illner, Annekatrin; D'Ambrosio, Gabriele; Regoli, François; Conte, Giulio; Moccetti, Tiziano; Klersy, Catherine; Prinzen, Frits W; Vernooy, Kevin; Auricchio, Angelo (2018). The definition of left bundle branch block influences the response to cardiac resynchronization therapy. International Journal of Cardiology, 269:165-169.

Regoli, François; D'Ambrosio, Gabriele; Caputo, Maria Luce; Svab, Stefano; Conte, Giulio; Moccetti, Tiziano; Klersy, Catherine; Cassina, Tiziano; Demertzis, Stefanos; Auricchio, Angelo (2018). New-onset pericardial effusion during transvenous lead extraction: incidence, causative mechanisms, and associated factors. Journal of Interventional Cardiac Electrophysiology, 51(3):253-261.

Caputo, Maria Luce; Regoli, François; Conte, Giulio; Adjibodou, Boris; Svab, Stefano; Del Bufalo, Alessandro; Moccetti, Tiziano; Curti, Moreno; Klersy, Catherine; Auricchio, Angelo (2017). Temporal trends and long term follow-up of implantable cardioverter defibrillator therapy for secondary prevention: A 15-year single-centre experience. International Journal of Cardiology, 228:31-36.

Burri, Haran; Müller, Hajo; Kobza, Richard; Sticherling, Christian; Ammann, Peter; Zerlik, Heiko; Stettler, Carine; Klersy, Catherine; Prinzen, Frits; Auricchio, Angelo (2017). RIght VErsus Left Apical transvenous pacing for bradycardia: Results of the RIVELA randomized study. Indian Pacing and Electrophysiology Journal, 17(6):171-175.

Tarascio, Michela; Leo, Laura Anna; Klersy, Catherine; Murzilli, Romina; Moccetti, Tiziano; Faletra, Francesco Fulvio (2017). Speckle-tracking layer-specific analysis of myocardial deformation and evaluation of scar transmurality in chronic ischemic heart disease. Journal of the American Society of Echocardiography, 30(7):667-675.

Caputo, Maria Luce; Muschietti, Sandro; Burkart, Roman; Benvenuti, Claudio; Conte, Giulio; Regoli, François; Mauri, Romano; Klersy, Catherine; Moccetti, Tiziano; Auricchio, Angelo (2017). Lay persons alerted by mobile application system initiate earlier cardio-pulmonary resuscitation: A comparison with SMS-based system notification. Resuscitation, 114:73-78.

Conte, Giulio; Caputo, Maria Luce; Regoli, François; Marcon, Serena; Klersy, Catherine; Adjibodou, Boris; Del Bufalo, Alessandro; Moccetti, Tiziano; Auricchio, Angelo (2017). True idiopathic ventricular fibrillation in out-of-hospital cardiac arrest survivors in the Swiss Canton Ticino: prevalence, clinical features, and long-term follow-up. Europace, 19(2):259-266.

Sürder, Daniel; Manka, Robert; Moccetti, Tiziano; Lo Cicero, Viviana; Emmert, Maximilian Y; Klersy, Catherine; Soncin, Sabrina; Turchetto, Lucia; Radrizzani, Marina; Zuber, Michel; Windecker, Stephan; Moschovitis, Aris; Bühler, Ines; Kozerke, Sebastian; Erne, Paul; Lüscher, Thomas F; Corti, Roberto (2016). Effect of Bone Marrow-Derived Mononuclear Cell Treatment, Early or Late After Acute Myocardial Infarction: Twelve Months CMR and Long-Term Clinical Results. Circulation Research, 119(3):481-490.

Muzzarelli, Stefano; Suerder, Daniel; Murzilli, Romina; Donato, Lucia; Pedrazzini, Giovanni; Pasotti, Elena; Moccetti, Tiziano; Klersy, Catherine; Faletra, Francesco Fulvio (2016). Predictors of disagreement between prospectively ECG-triggered dual-source coronary computed tomography angiography and conventional coronary angiography. European Journal of Radiology, 85(6):1138-1146.

Vassalli, Giuseppe; Klersy, Catherine; De Servi, S; Erne, Paul; Eberli, F; Rickli, Hans; Hornig, B; Bertel, O; Bonetti, P; Moccetti, T; Kaiser, C; Pfisterer, Matthias E; Pedrazzini, Giovanni (2016). Can the optimal type of stent be predicted based on clinical risk factors ? A subgroup analysis of the randomized BASKET-PROVE trial. American Heart Journal, 173:1-7.

Mauri, Romano; Burkart, Roman; Benvenuti, Claudio; Caputo, Maria Luce; Moccetti, Tiziano; Del Bufalo, Alessandro; Gallino, Augusto; Casso, Carlo; Anselmi, Luciano; Cassina, Tiziano; Klersy, Catherine; Auricchio, Angelo (2016). Better management of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest increases survival rate and improves neurological outcome in the Swiss Canton Ticino. Europace, 18(3):398-404.

Sürder, Daniel; Gisler, Valentin; Corti, Roberto; Moccetti, Tiziano; Klersy, Catherine; Zuber, Michel; Windecker, Stephan; Moschovitis, Aris; Kozerke, Sebastian; Lüscher, Thomas Felix; Erne, Paul; Manka, Robert (2015). Thrombus formation in the left ventricle after large myocardial infarction – assessment with cardiac magnetic resonance imaging. Swiss Medical Weekly, 145:1-11.

Gasparini, Maurizio; Klersy, Catherine; Leclercq, Cristophe; Lunati, Maurizio; Landolina, Maurizio; Auricchio, Angelo; Santini, Massimo; Boriani, Giuseppe; Proclemer, Alessandro; Leyva, Francisco (2015). Validation of a simple risk stratification tool for patients implanted with Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy: the VALID-CRT risk score. European Journal of Heart Failure, 17(7):717-724.

Kroon, Wilco; Lumens, Joost; Potse, Mark; Suerder, Daniel; Klersy, Catherine; Regoli, Francois; Murzilli, Romina; Moccetti, Tiziano; Delhaas, Tammo; Krause, Rolf; Prinzen, Frits W; Auricchio, Angelo (2015). In vivo electromechanical assessment of heart failure patients with prolonged QRS duration. Heart Rhythm, 12(6):1259-1267.

Vassalli, Giuseppe; d'Angeli, Ilaria; Scherff, Frank; Sürder, Daniel; Mantovani, Antonio; Pasotti, Elena; Klersy, Catherine; Auricchio, Angelo; Moccetti, Tiziano; Pedrazzini, Giovanni B (2015). Comparison of clinical and angiographic prognostic risk scores in elderly patients presenting with acute coronary syndrome and referred for percutaneous coronary intervention. Swiss Medical Weekly, 145:1-11.

Acena, Marta; Regoli, François; Faletra, Francesco Fulvio; Tritto, Massimo; Klersy, Catherine; Murzilli, Romina; Scopigni, Francesca; Penco, Maria; Pasotti, Elena; Moccetti, Tiziano; Auricchio, Angelo (2014). 3D real-time TEE during pulmonary vein isolation in atrial fibrillation. JACC. Cardiovascular Imaging, 7(7):737-738.

Gasparini, Maurizio; Leclercq, Christophe; Yu, Cheuk-Man; Auricchio, Angelo; Steinberg, Jonathan S; Lamp, Barbara; Klersy, Catherine; Leyva, Francisco (2014). Absolute survival after cardiac resynchronization therapy according to baseline QRS duration: a multinational 10-year experience: data from the Multicenter International CRT Study. American Heart Journal, 167(2):203-209.e1.

Frilling, Andrea; Modlin, Irvin M; Kidd, Mark; Russell, Christopher; Breitenstein, Stefan; Salem, Riad; Kwekkeboom, Dik; Lau, Wan-yee; Klersy, Catherine; Vilgrain, Valerie; Davidson, Brian; Siegler, Mark; Caplin, Martyn; Solcia, Enrico; Schilsky, Richard (2014). Recommendations for management of patients with neuroendocrine liver metastases. Lancet Oncology, 15(1):e8-21.

Gasparini, Maurizio; Leclercq, Christophe; Lunati, Maurizio; Landolina, Maurizio; Auricchio, Angelo; Santini, Massimo; Boriani, Giuseppe; Lamp, Barbara; Proclemer, Alessandro; Curnis, Antonio; Klersy, Catherine; Leyva, Francisco (2013). Cardiac resynchronization therapy in patients with atrial fibrillation: the CERTIFY study (Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy in Atrial Fibrillation Patients Multinational Registry). JACC: Heart Failure, 1(6):500-507.

Regoli, François; Scopigni, Francesca; Leyva, Francisco; Landolina, Maurizio; Ghio, Stefano; Tritto, Massimo; Calò, Leonardo; Klersy, Catherine; Auricchio, Angelo (2013). Validation of Seattle Heart Failure Model for mortality risk prediction in patients treated with cardiac resynchronization therapy. European Journal of Heart Failure, 15(2):211-220.

Strik, Marc; Rademakers, Leonard M; van Deursen, Caroline J M; van Hunnik, Arne; Kuiper, Marion; Klersy, Catherine; Auricchio, Angelo; Prinzen, Frits W (2012). Endocardial left ventricular pacing improves cardiac resynchronization therapy in chronic asynchronous infarction and heart failure models. Circulation. Arrhythmia and Electrophysiology, 5(1):191-200.

Moccetti, Tiziano; Sürder, Daniel; Klersy, Catherine; Vassalli, Giuseppe; Crljenica, Carmen; Rossi, Maria Grazia; Pasotti, Elena; Soldati, Gianni (2012). Sustained improvement in left ventricular function after bone marrow derived cell therapy in patients with acute ST elevation myocardial infarction. A 5-year follow-up from the Stem Cell Transplantation in Ischaemic Myocardium Study. Swiss Medical Weekly, 142:w13632.

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