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Phyo, Kay Khine; Kluge, Jürgen; Kessler, Michael; Miehe, Georg; Karger, Dirk Nikolaus (2019). Latitude-independent, continent-wide consistency in climate– richness relationships in Asian ferns and lycophytes. Journal of Biogeography, 46(5):981-991.

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Lehnert, Marcus; Coritico, Fulgent P; Darnaedi, Dedy; Hidayat, Arief; Kluge, Jürgen; Karger, Dirk Nikolaus; Kessler, Michael (2015). Validation of a new combination in the genus Alsophila (Cyatheaceae-Polypodiopsida). Systematic Botany, 40(2):386.

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Lehnert, Marcus; Coritico, Fulgent P; Darnaedi, Dedy; Hidayat, Arief; Kluge, Jürgen; Karger, Dirk Nikolaus; Kessler, Michael (2013). Taxonomic and ecological notes on the Alsophila hornei complex (Cyatheaceae-Polypodiopsida), with the description of the new species A. phlebodes from New Guinea. Systematic Botany, 38(4):875-886.

Karger, Dirk Nikolaus; Kluge, Jürgen; Abrahamczyk, Stefan; Salazar, Laura; Hohmeier, Jürgen; Lehnert, Marcus; Amoroso, Victor B; Kessler, Michael (2012). Bryophyte cover on trees as proxy for air humidity in the tropics. Ecological Indicators, 20:277-281.

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