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Gschwind, Tilo; Lafourcade, Carlos; Gfeller, Tim; Zaichuk, Mariana; Rambousek, Lukas; Knuesel, Irene; Fritschy, Jean-Marc (2018). Contribution of early Alzheimer's disease-related pathophysiology to the development of acquired epilepsy. European Journal of Neuroscience, 47(12):1534-1562.

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Pfister, Sandra; Dietrich, Maren G; Sidler, Corinne; Fritschy, Jean-Marc; Knuesel, Irene; Elsaesser, Rebecca (2012). Characterization and turnover of CD73/IP(3)R3-positive microvillar cells in the adult mouse olfactory epithelium. Chemical Senses, 37(9):859-868.

Krstic, Dimitrije; Madhusudan, Amrita; Doehner, Jana; Vogel, Prisca; Notter, Tina; Imhof, Claudine; Manalastas, Abigail; Hilfiker, Martina; Pfister, Sandra; Schwerdel, Cornelia; Riether, Carsten; Meyer, Urs; Knuesel, Irene (2012). Systemic immune challenges trigger and drive Alzheimer-like neuropathology in mice. Journal of Neuroinflammation, 9:151.

Muhia, Mary; Willadt, Silvia; Yee, Benjamin K; Feldon, Joram; Paterna, Jean-Charles; Schwendener, Severin; Vogt, Kaspar; Kennedy, Mary B; Knuesel, Irene (2012). Molecular and behavioral changes associated with adult hippocampus-specific SynGAP1 knockout. Learning & memory (Cold Spring Harbor, N.Y.), 19(7):268-281.

Doehner, Jana; Genoud, Christel; Imhof, Claudine; Krstic, Dimitrije; Knuesel, Irene (2012). Extrusion of misfolded and aggregated proteins - a protective strategy of aging neurons? European Journal of Neuroscience, 35(12):1938-1950.

Klohs, Jan; Baltes, Christof; Princz-Kranz, Felicitas; Ratering, David; Nitsch, Roger M; Knuesel, Irene; Rudin, Markus (2012). Contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance microangiography reveals remodeling of the cerebral microvasculature in transgenic ArcAβ mice. Journal of Neuroscience, 32(5):1705-1713.

Duveau, Venceslas; Madhusudan, Amrita; Caleo, Matteo; Knuesel, Irene; Fritschy, Jean-Marc (2011). Impaired reelin processing and secretion by Cajal–Retzius cells contributes to granule cell dispersion in a mouse model of temporal lobe epilepsy. Hippocampus, 21(9):935-944.

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