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Roth-Walter, Franziska; Adcock, Ian M; Benito-Villalvilla, Cristina; Bianchini, Rodolfo; Bjermer, Leif; Caramori, Gaetano; Cari, Luigi; Chung, Kian Fan; Diamant, Zuzana; Eguiluz-Gracia, Ibon; Knol, Edward F; Kolios, Antonios G A; Levi-Schaffer, Francesca; Nocentini, Giuseppe; Palomares, Oscar; Puzzovio, Pier Giorgio; Redegeld, Frank A; van Esch, Betty C A M; Stellato, Cristiana (2019). Comparing biologicals and small molecule drug therapies for chronic respiratory diseases: An EAACI Taskforce on Immunopharmacology position paper. Allergy, 74(3):432-448.

Sundin, Mikael; Marits, Per; Ramme, Kim; Kolios, Antonios G A; Nilsson, Jakob (2019). Severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID) presenting in childhood, with agammaglobulinemia, associated with novel compound heterozygous mutations in DCLRE1C. Clinical Immunology, 200:16-18.

Schwab, Charlotte; Gabrysch, Annemarie; Olbrich, Peter; et al; Pachlopnik Schmid, Jana; Kolios, Antonios G A (2018). Phenotype, penetrance, and treatment of 133 cytotoxic T-lymphocyte antigen 4-insufficient subjects. Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, 142(6):1932-1946.

Deubelbeiss, Cornelia; Kolios, Antonios G A; Anzengruber, Florian; French, Lars E; Yawalkar, Nikhil; Kempf, Werner; Kerl, Katrin; Meier, Barbara; Navarini, Alexander A (2018). TNFα and IL-17A are differentially expressed in psoriasis-like vs eczema-like drug reactions to TNFα antagonists. Journal of Cutaneous Pathology, 45(1):23-28.

Kolios, Antonios G A; Hafner, Jürg; Luder, C; Guenova, Emmanuella; Kerl, K; Kempf, Werner; Nilsson, J; French, L E; Cozzio, A (2018). Comparison of pyoderma gangrenosum and hypertensive ischemic leg ulcer Martorell in a Swiss cohort. British Journal of Dermatology, 178(2):e125-e126.

Sundin, Mikael; Uhlin, Michael; Gaballa, Ahmed; Ramme, Kim; Kolios, Antonios G A; Marits, Per; Nilsson, Jakob (2018). Late presenting atypical severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID) associated with a novel missense mutation in DCLRE1C. Pediatric Allergy and Immunology, 29(1):108-111.

Kolios, Antonios G A; Biedermann, Luc; Weber, Achim; Navarini, Alexander A; Meier, Jürg; Cozzio, Antonio; French, Lars E (2018). Paradoxical ulcerative colitis during adalimumab treatment of psoriasis resolved by switch to ustekinumab. British Journal of Dermatology, 178(2):551-555.

Kolios, Antonios G A; Cozzio, Antonio; Zinkernagel, Annelies S; French, Lars E; Kündig, Thomas M (2017). Cutaneous Corynebacterium Infection Presenting with Disseminated Skin Nodules and Ulceration. Case Reports in Dermatology, 9(2):8-12.

Kolios, Antonios G A; Gübeli, Alissa; Meier, Barbara; Maul, Julia-Tatjana; Kündig, Thomas; Nilsson, Jakob; Hafner, Jürg; Guenova, Emmanuella; Kerl, Katrin; Anliker, Mark; Kempf, Werner; Navarini, Alexander A; French, Lars E; Cozzio, Antonio (2017). Clinical disease patterns in a regional Swiss cohort of 34 pyoderma gangrenosum patients. Dermatology, 233(4):268-276.

Maul, Julia-Tatjana; Djamei, Vahid; Kolios, Antonios G A; Meier, Barbara; Czernielewski, Justine; Jungo, Pascal; Yawalkar, Nikhil; Mainetti, Carlo; Laffitte, Emmanuel; Spehr, Christina; Anliker, Mark; Streit, Markus; Augustin, Matthias; Rustenbach, Stephan; Conrad, Curdin; Hafner, Jürg; Boehncke, Wolf-Henning; Borradori, Luca; Gilliet, Michel; Itin, Peter; French, Lars E; Häusermann, Peter; Navarini, Alexander A (2017). Efficacy and survival of systemic psoriasis treatments: an analysis of the swiss registry SDNTT. Dermatology, 232(6):640-647.

Jungo, Pierre; Maul, Julia-Tatjana; Djamei, Vahid; von Felten, Stefanie; Kolios, Antonios G A; Czernielewsk, Justine; Yawalkar, Nikhil; Odermatt, Olivia; Laffitte, Emmanuel; Anliker, Mark; Streit, Markus; Augustin, Matthias; Conrad, Curdin; Hafner, Jürg; Boehncke, Wolf-Henning; Gilliet, Michel; Itin, Peter; French, Lars E; Navarini, Alexander A; Häusermann, Peter (2017). Superiority in quality of life improvement of biologics over conventional systemic drugs in a swiss real-life psoriasis registry. Dermatology, 232(6):655-663.

Kolios, Antonios G A (2017). Überblick symptomatische Therapien : Akuttherapie bei allergischen Erkrankungen der oberen und unteren Atemwege. Dermatologie Praxis:6-10.

Kolios, Antonios G A; Cozzio, Antonio (2016). Psoriasis - effiziente Diagnose und Therapie. Praxis, 105(16):953-959.

Jungraithmayr, Wolfgang; Tzafos, Stefanos; Distler, Oliver; Kolios, Antonios G A; Weder, Walter; Franzen, Daniel (2016). Rapid growth of lung nodules due to combined pulmonary vasculitis, silicoanthracosis, and chondrocalcinosis. Canadian Respiratory Journal, 2016:9254374.

Kolios, Antonios G A; Yawalkar, Nikhil; Anliker, Mark; Boehncke, Wolf-Henning; Borradori, Luca; Conrad, Curdin; Gilliet, Michel; Häusermann, Peter; Itin, Peter; Laffitte, Emmanuel; Mainetti, Carlo; French, Lars E; Navarini, Alexander A (2016). Swiss S1 guidelines on the systemic treatment of psoriasis vulgaris. Dermatology, 232(4):385-406.

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Kolios, Antonios G A; French, Lars E; Navarini, Alexander A (2015). Detection of small changes in psoriasis intensity with PrecisePASI. Dermatology, 230(4):314-317.

Alam, Muhammad S; Gaida, Matthias M; Ogawa, Youichi; Kolios, Antonios G A; Lasitschka, Felix; Ashwell, Jonathan D (2014). Counter-regulation of T cell effector function by differentially activated p38. Journal of Experimental Medicine, 211(6):1257-1270.

Kolios, Antonios G A; Marques Maggio, Ewerton; Gubler, Christoph; Cozzio, Antonio; Dummer, Reinhard; French, Lars E; Navarini, Alexander A (2013). Oral, esophageal and cutaneous lichen ruber planus controlled with alitretinoin: case report and review of the literature. Dermatology, 226(4):302-310.

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