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Boettcher, S; Gerosa, R C; Radpour, R; Bauer, J; Ampenberger, F; Heikenwalder, M; Kopf, M; Manz, M G (2014). Endothelial cells translate pathogen signals into G-CSF-driven emergency granulopoiesis. Blood, 124(9):1393-1403.

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Freigang, S; Ampenberger, F; Spohn, G; Heer, S; Shamshiev, A T; Kisielow, J; Hersberger, M; Yamamoto, M; Bachmann, M F; Kopf, M (2011). Nrf2 is essential for cholesterol crystal-induced inflammasome activation and exacerbation of atherosclerosis. European Journal of Immunology, 41(7):2040-2051.

Yang, J; Meyer, Michael; Müller, A-K; Böhm, F; Grose, R; Dauwalder, T; Verrey, F; Kopf, M; Partanen, J; Bloch, W; Ornitz, D M; Werner, S (2010). Fibroblast growth factor receptors 1 and 2 in keratinocytes control the epidermal barrier and cutaneous homeostasis. Journal of Cell Biology, 188(6):935-952.

Haybaeck, J; Zeller, N; Wolf, M J; Weber, A; Wagner, U; Kurrer, M O; Bremer, J; Iezzi, G; Graf, R; Clavien, P A; Thimme, R; Blum, H; Nedospasov, S A; Zatloukal, K; Ramzan, M; Ciesek, S; Pietschmann, T; Marche, P N; Karin, M; Kopf, M; Browning, J L; Aguzzi, A; Heikenwalder, M (2009). A lymphotoxin-driven pathway to hepatocellular carcinoma. Cancer Cell, 16(4):295-308.

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Paul, R; Koedel, U; Winkler, F; Kieseier, B C; Fontana, A; Kopf, M; Hartung, H P; Pfister, H W (2003). Lack of IL-6 augments inflammatory response but decreases vascular permeability in bacterial meningitis. Brain : a journal of neurology, 126(8):1873-1882.

van Den Broek, M; Bachmann, M F; Köhler, G; Barner, M; Escher, R; Zinkernagel, R; Kopf, M (2000). IL-4 and IL-10 antagonize IL-12-mediated protection against acute vaccinia virus infection with a limited role of IFN-gamma and nitric oxide synthetase 2. Journal of Immunology, 164(1):371-378.

Wenger, R H; Kopf, M; Nitschke, L; Lamers, M C; Köhler, G; Nielsen, P J (1995). B-cell maturation in chimaeric mice deficient for the heat stable antigen (HSA/mouse CD24). Transgenic Research, 4(3):173-183.

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