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Jutzeler, Catherine R; Streijger, Femke; Aguilar, Juan; Shortt, Katelyn; Manouchehri, Neda; Okon, Elena; Hupp, Markus; Curt, Armin; Kwon, Brian K; Kramer, John L K (2019). Sensorimotor plasticity after spinal cord injury: a longitudinal and translational study. Annals of Clinical and Translational Neurology, 6(1):68-82.

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Jutzeler, Catherine R; Cragg, Jacquelyn J; Warner, Freda M; Archibald, Jessica; Thomas, Christine P M; Elliott, Stacy; Kramer, John L K (2017). Journal Club: Pregnancy outcome following maternal exposure to pregabalin may call for concern. Neurology, 88(1):e5-e7.

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Wu, Xiaoliang; Liu, Jie; Tanadini, Lorenzo G; Lammertse, Daniel P; Blight, Andrew R; Kramer, John L K; Scivoletto, Giorgio; Jones, Linda; Kirshblum, Steven; Abel, Rainer; Fawcett, James; Field-Fote, Edelle; Guest, James; Levinson, Ben; Maier, Doris; Tansey, Keith; Weidner, Norbert; Tetzlaff, Wolfram G; Hothorn, Torsten; Curt, Armin; Steeves, John D (2015). Challenges for defining minimal clinically important difference (MCID) after spinal cord injury. Spinal Cord, 53(2):84-91.

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Kramer, John L K; Lammertse, Daniel P; Schubert, Martin; Curt, Armin; Steeves, John D (2012). Relationship between motor recovery and independence after sensorimotor-complete cervical spinal cord injury. Neurorehabilitation and neural repair, 26(9):1064-1071.

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