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Novo Matos, J; Pereira, N; Glaus, T; Wilkie, L; Borgeat, K; Loureiro, J; Silva, J; Law, V; Kranjc, A; Connolly, D J; Luis Fuentes, V (2018). Transient myocardial thickening in cats associated with heart failure. Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine, 32(1):48-56.

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Wenger, Sandra; Gull, Jessica M; Glaus, Toni M; Blumer, S; Wimmershoff, J; Kranjc, A; Steinmetz, H W; Hatt, Jean-Michel (2010). Fallot's tetralogy in a European beaver (Cator fiber). Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine, 41(2):359-362.

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Kook, Peter H; Kranjc, A; Dennler, Matthias; Glaus, Toni M (2009). Pancreatitis associated with clomipramine administration in a dog. Journal of Small Animal Practice, 50(2):95-98.

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