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Fluri, F; Hatz, F; Rutgers, M P; Georgiadis, D; Sekoranja, L; Schwegler, G; Sarikaya, H; Weder, B; Müller, F; Lüthy, R; Arnold, M; Reichhart, M; Mattle, H P; Tettenborn, B; Nedeltchev, K; Hungerbühler, H J; Sztajzel, R; Baumgartner, R W; Michel, P; Lyrer, P A; Engelter, S T (2010). Intravenous thrombolysis in patients with stroke attributable to small artery occlusion. European Journal of Neurology, 17(8):1054-1060.

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Knuchel, M C; Tomasik, Z; Speck, R F; Lüthy, R; Schüpbach, J (2006). Ultrasensitive quantitative HIV-1 p24 antigen assay adapted to dried plasma spots to improve treatment monitoring in low-resource settings. Journal of Clinical Virology, 36(1):64-67.

Böni, J; Shah, C A; Flepp, M; Lüthy, R; Schüpbach, J (2004). Detection of low copy numbers of HIV-1 proviral DNA in patient PBMCs by a high-input, sequence-capture PCR (Mega-PCR). Journal of Medical Virology, 72(1):1-9.

Ledergerber, B; Flepp, M; Böni, J; Tomasik, Z; Cone, R W; Lüthy, R; Schüpbach, J (2000). Human immunodeficiency virus type 1 p24 concentration measured by boosted ELISA of heat-denatured plasma correlates with decline in CD4 cells, progression to AIDS, and survival: comparison with viral RNA measurement. Journal of Infectious Diseases, 181(4):1280-1288.

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Böni, J; Opravil, M; Tomasik, Z; Rothen, M; Bisset, L; Grob, P J; Lüthy, R; Schüpbach, J (1997). Simple monitoring of antiretroviral therapy with a signal-amplification-boosted HIV-1 p24 antigen assay with heat-denatured plasma. AIDS, 11(6):F47-F52.

Opravil, M; Pechère, M; Speich, R; Joller-Jemelka, H I; Jenni, R; Russi, E W; Hirschel, B; Lüthy, R (1997). HIV-associated primary pulmonary hypertension. A case control study. Swiss HIV Cohort Study. American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, 155(3):990-995.

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Teuscher, A U; Opravil, M; Speich, R; Kuster, H; Siegenthaler, W; Russi, E W; Lüthy, R (1992). Diagnose und Verlauf nach Ausschluß einer Pneumocystis-carinii-Pneumonie bei HIV-Infizierten. Deutsche Medizinische Wochenschrift, 117(27):1052-1056.

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