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Lüttgenau, Johannes; Möller, Benjamin; Kradolfer, David; Wellnitz, Olga; Bruckmaier, Rupert M; Miyamoto, Akio; Ulbrich, Susanne E; Bollwein, Heiner (2016). Lipopolysaccharide enhances apoptosis of corpus luteum in isolated perfused bovine ovariesin vitro. Reproduction, 151(1):17-28.

Lüttgenau, Johannes; Herzog, Kathrin; Strüve, Klaas; Latter, Sophie; Boos, Alois; Bruckmaier, Rupert M; Bollwein, Heiner; Kowalewski, Mariusz Pawel (2016). LPS-mediated effects and spatio-temporal expression of TLR2 and TLR4 in the bovine corpus luteum. Reproduction, 151:391-399.

Zoller, D; Lüttgenau, Johannes; Steffens, Sabine; Bollwein, Heiner (2016). The effect of isosorbide dinitrate on uterine and ovarian blood flow in cycling and early pregnant mares: A pilot study. Theriogenology, 85(9):1562-1567.

Lüttgenau, Johannes; Purschke, S; Tsousis, G; Bruckmaier, Rupert M; Bollwein, Heiner (2016). Body condition loss and increased serum levels of nonesterified fatty acids enhance progesterone levels at estrus and reduce estrous activity and insemination rates in postpartum dairy cows. Theriogenology, 85(4):656-663.

Lüttgenau, Johannes; Kögel, T; Bollwein, Heiner (2016). Effects of GnRH or PGF2α in week 5 postpartum on the incidence of cystic ovarian follicles and persistent corpora lutea and on fertility parameters in dairy cows. Theriogenology, 85(5):904-913.

Lüttgenau, Johannes; Wellnitz, Olga; Kradolfer, David; Kalaitzakis, E; Ulbrich, Susanne E; Bruckmaier, Rupert M; Bollwein, Heiner (2016). Intramammary lipopolysaccharide infusion alters gene expression but does not induce lysis of the bovine corpus luteum. Journal of Dairy Science, 99(5):4018-4031.

Lüttgenau, Johannes; Lingemann, Bernhard; Wellnitz, Olga; Hankele, A K; Schmicke, M; Ulbrich, S E; Bruckmaier, Rupert M; Bollwein, Heiner (2016). Repeated intrauterine infusions of lipopolysaccharide alter gene expression and lifespan of the bovine corpus luteum. Journal of Dairy Science, 99(8):6639-6653.

Bollwein, Heiner; Heppelmann, Maike; Lüttgenau, Johannes (2016). Ultrasonographic doppler use for female reproduction management. The Veterinary clinics of North America. Food animal practice, 32(1):149-164.

Lüttgenau, Johannes; Mang, H; Borel, Nicole; Bruckmaier, Rupert M; Bollwein, Heiner (2016). Ultrasonographic examination reduces the percentage of unsuccessful inseminations in dairy cows. Theriogenology, 85(4):664-670.

Sieme, Harald; Lüttgenau, Johannes; Sielhorst, Jutta; Martinsson, Gunilla; Bollwein, Heiner; Thomas, Selina; Burger, Dominik (2015). Improving the formation and function of the corpus luteum in the mare. Revista Brasileira de Reprodução Animal, 39(1):117-120.

Wellnitz, Olga; Zbinden, Christina; Lüttgenau, Johannes; Bollwein, Heiner; Bruckmaier, Rupert M (2015). Different chronological patterns of appearance of blood derived milk components during mastitis indicate different mechanisms of transfer from blood into milk. Journal of Dairy Research, 82(03):322-327.

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