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Valdivieso, Paola; Vaughan, David; Laczko, Endre; Brogioli, Michael; Waldron, Sarah; Rittweger, Jörn; Flück, Martin (2017). The Metabolic Response of Skeletal Muscle to Endurance Exercise Is Modified by the ACE-I/D Gene Polymorphism and Training State. Frontiers in Physiology, 8:993.

Dolgodilina, Elena; Imobersteg, Stefan; Laczko, Endre; Welt, Tobias; Verrey, Francois; Makrides, Victoria (2016). Brain interstitial fluid glutamine homeostasis is controlled by blood-brain barrier SLC7A5/LAT1 amino acid transporter. Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism, 36(11):1929-1941.

Mateus, Maria C; Neves, Dina; Dacunha, Bruno; Laczko, Endre; Maia, Cristiana; Teixeira, Rúben; Cravador, Alfredo (2016). Structure, anti-Phytophthora and anti-tumor activities of a nortriterpenoid from the rhizome of Phlomis purpurea (Lamiaceae). Phytochemistry, 131:158-164.

Vaughan, David; Brogioli, Michael; Maier, Thomas; White, Andy; Waldron, Sarah; Rittweger, Jörn; Toigo, Marco; Wettstein, Jessica; Laczko, Endre; Flück, Martin (2016). The Angiotensin Converting Enzyme Insertion/Deletion Polymorphism Modifies Exercise-Induced Muscle Metabolism. PLoS ONE, 11(3):e0149046.

Säle, Verena; Aguilera, Paula; Laczko, Endre; Mäder, Paul; Berner, Alfred; Zihlmann, Urs; van der Heijden, Marcel G A; Oehl, Fritz (2015). Impact of conservation tillage and organic farming on the diversity of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi. Soil Biology and Biochemistry, 84:38-52.

Fischer, David; Panse, Christian; Laczko, Endre (2014). cosmiq - COmbining Single Masses Into Quantities. Bioconductor R Package v1.1.0 BioC 3.0, University of Zurich.

Uzozie, Anuli; Nanni, Paolo; Staiano, Teresa; Grossmann, Jonas; Barkow-Oesterreicher, Simon; Shay, Jerry W; Tiwari, Amit; Buffoli, Federico; Laczko, Endre; Marra, Giancarlo (2014). Sorbitol dehydrogenase overexpression and other aspects of dysregulated protein expression in human precancerous colorectal neoplasms: a quantitative proteomics study. Molecular & Cellular Proteomics, 13(5):1198-1218.

Schaer, Christian A; Laczko, Endre; Schoedon, Gabriele; Schaer, Dominik J; Vallelian, Florence (2013). Chloroquine interference with hemoglobin endocytic trafficking suppresses adaptive heme and iron homeostasis in macrophages: the paradox of an antimalarial agent. Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity, 2013:870472.

Abplanalp, Jeanette; Laczko, Endre; Philip, Nancy J; Neidhardt, John; Zuercher, Jurian; Braun, Philipp; Schorderet, Daniel F; Munier, Francis L; Verrey, François; Berger, Wolfgang; Camargo, Simone M R; Kloeckener-Gruissem, Barbara (2013). The cataract and Glucosuria associated monocarboxylate transporter MCT12 is a new creatine transporter. Human Molecular Genetics, 22(16):3218-3226.

Maglietta, Rosalia; Liuzzi, Vania Cosma; Cattaneo, Elisa; Laczko, Endre; Piepoli, Ada; Panza, Anna; Carella, Massimo; Palumbo, Orazio; Staiano, Teresa; Buffoli, Federico; Andriulli, Angelo; Marra, Giancarlo; Ancona, Nicola (2012). Molecular pathways undergoing dramatic transcriptomic changes during tumor development in the human colon. BMC Cancer, 12:608.

Rampitsch, Christof; Tinker, Nicholas A; Subramaniam, Rajagopal; Barkow-Oesterreicher, Simon; Laczko, Endre (2012). Phosphoproteome profile of Fusarium graminearum grown in vitro under nonlimiting conditions. Proteomics, 12(7):1002-1005.

Jang, Jae-Hwi; Rickenbacher, Andreas; Humar, Bostjan; Weber, Achim; Raptis, Dimitri Aristotle; Lehmann, Kuno; Stieger, Bruno; Moritz, Wolfgang; Soll, Christopher; Georgiev, Panco; Fischer, David; Laczko, Endre; Graf, Rolf; Clavien, Pierre-Alain (2012). Serotonin protects mouse liver from cholestatic injury by decreasing bile salt pool after bile duct ligation. Hepatology, 56(1):209-218.

Piepoli, Ada; Palmieri, Orazio; Maglietta, Rosalia; Panza, Anna; Cattaneo, Elisa; Latiano, Anna; Laczko, Endre; Gentile, Annamaria; Carella, Massimo; Mazzoccoli, Gianluigi; Ancona, Nicola; Marra, Giancarlo; Andriulli, Angelo (2012). The expression of leucine-rich repeat gene family members in colorectal cancer. Experimental Biology and Medicine, 237(10):1123-1128.

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