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Beck, Jan; Liedtke, H C; Widler, S; Altermatt, Florian; Hagmann, R; Loader, S P; Lang, S; Fiedler, K (2016). Patterns or mechanisms? Bergmann’s and Rapoport’s rule in moths along an elevational gradient. Community Ecology, 17(2):137-148.

Balestrino, F; Mathis, A; Lang, S; Veronesi, E (2016). Sterilization of Hulecoeteomyia japonica japonica (= Aedes japonicus japonicus) (Theobald, 1901) by high-energy photon irradiation: implications for a sterile insect technique approach in Europe. Medical and Veterinary Entomology, 30(3):278-285.

Spalinger, M R; Kasper, S; Chassard, C; Raselli, T; Frey-Wagner, I; Gottier, C; Lang, S; Atrott, K; Vavricka, S R; Mair, F; Becher, B; Lacroix, C; Fried, M; Rogler, G; Scharl, M (2015). PTPN2 controls differentiation of CD4(+) T cells and limits intestinal inflammation and intestinal dysbiosis. Mucosal immunology, 8(4):918-929.

Greuter, T; Lang, S; Holler, E; Hawkey, C J; Rogler, G; Biedermann, L (2015). Serum REG3alpha and C-reactive protein levels in Crohn's disease patients undergoing immunoablation and autologous hemopoetic stem cell transplantation in the ASTIC trial. Digestion, 92(2):83-89.

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Bentz, S; Cee, A; Endlicher, E; Wojtal, K A; Naami, A; Pesch, T; Lang, S; Schubert, P; Fried, M; Weber, A; Coy, J F; Goelder, S; Knüchel, R; Hausmann, M; Rogler, G (2013). Hypoxia induces the expression of transketolase-like 1 in human colorectal cancer. Digestion, 88(3):182-192.

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Depuyd, T; Penne, R; Verellen, D; Hrbacek, J; Lang, S; Lysen, K; Vandevondel, I; Poels, K; Rencers, T; Gevaert, T; Duchateau, M; Tournel, K; Boussaer, M; Cosentino, D; Caribaldi, C; Solberg, T; De Ridder, M (2011). Computer-aided analysis of star shot films for high-accuracy radiation therapy treatment units. Physics in Medicine and Biology, 57(10):2997-3011.

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Andreou, D; Bielack, S S; Carrle, D; Kevric, M; Kotz, R; Winkelmann, W; Jundt, G; Werner, M; Fehlberg, S; Kager, L; Kühne, T; Lang, S; Dominkus, M; Exner, G U; Hardes, J; Hillmann, A; Ewerbeck, V; Heise, U; Reichardt, P; Tunn, P-U (2011). The influence of tumor- and treatment-related factors on the development of local recurrence in osteosarcoma after adequate surgery. An analysis of 1355 patients treated on neoadjuvant Cooperative Osteosarcoma Study Group protocols. Annals of Oncology, 22(5):1228-1235.

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Hummel, J; Fritz, J; Kienzle, E; Medici, E P; Lang, S; Zimmermann, W; Streich, W J; Clauss, Marcus (2008). Differences in fecal particle size between free-ranging and captive individuals of two browser species. Zoo Biology, 27(1):70-77.

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