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Gottselig, Nina; Amelung, W; Kirchner, J W; Bol, R; Eugster, Werner; Granger, S J; Hernández-Crespo, C; Herrmann, F; Keizer, J. J; Korkiakoski, M; Laudon, H; Lehner, I; Löfgren, S; Lohila, A; Macleod, C J A; Mölder, M; Müller, C; Nasta, P; Nischwitz, V; Paul-Limoges, Eugénie; Pierret, M C; Pilegaard, K; Romano, N; Sebastià, M T; Stähli, M; Voltz, M; Vereecken, H; Siemens, J; Klumpp, E (2017). Elemental composition of natural nanoparticles and fine colloids in European forest stream waters and their role as phosphorus carriers. Global Biogeochemical Cycles, 31(10):1592-1607.

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Carey, S K; Tetzlaff, D; Seibert, Jan; Soulsby, C; Buttle, J; Laudon, H; McDonnell, J; McGuire, K; Caissie, D; Shanley, J; Kennedy, M; Devito, K; Pomeroy, J W (2010). Inter-comparison of hydro-climatic regimes across northern catchments: synchronicity, resistance and resilience. Hydrological Processes, 24(24):3591-3602.

Wanngren, J; Frånberg, J; Svensson, A I; Laudon, H; Olsson, F; Winblad, B; Liu, F; Näslund, J; Lundkvist, J; Karlström, H (2010). The large hydrophilic loop of presenilin 1 is important for regulating gamma-secretase complex assembly and dictating the amyloid beta peptide (Abeta) Profile without affecting Notch processing. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 285(12):8527-8536.

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Grabs, T; Seibert, Jan; Bishop, K; Laudon, H (2009). Modeling spatial patterns of saturated areas: a comparison of the topographic wetness index and a dynamic distributed model. Journal of Hydrology, 373(1-2):15-23.

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