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Gautret, Philippe; Angelo, Kristina M; Asgeirsson, Hilmir; Lalloo, David G; Shaw, Marc; Schwartz, Eli; Libman, Michael; Kain, Kevin C; Piyaphanee, Watcharapong; Murphy, Holly; Leder, Karin; Vincelette, Jean; Jensenius, Mogens; Waggoner, Jesse; Leung, Daniel; Borwein, Sarah; Blumberg, Lucille; Schlagenhauf, Patricia; Barnett, Elizabeth D; Hamer, Davidson H (2018). Rabies post-exposure prophylaxis started during or after travel: A GeoSentinel analysis. PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases, 12(11):e0006951.

Chen, Lin H; Leder, Karin; Barbre, Kira A; Schlagenhauf, Patricia; Libman, Michael; Keystone, Jay; Mendelson, Marc; Gautret, Philippe; Schwartz, Eli; Shaw, Marc; MacDonald, Sue; McCarthy, Anne; Connor, Bradley A; Esposito, Douglas H; Hamer, Davidson; Wilson, Mary E (2018). Business travel-associated illness: a GeoSentinel analysis. Journal of Travel Medicine, 25:tax097.

Chen, Lin H; Leder, Karin; Schlagenhauf, Patricia; Libman, Michael; Keystone, Jay; Mendelson, Marc; Gautret, Philippe; Schwartz, Eli; Shaw, Marc; MacDonald, Sue; McCarthy, Anne; Connor, Bradley A; Hamer, Davidson H; Wilson, Mary E (2018). Reply: regarding business travelers. Journal of Travel Medicine, 25(1):tay031.

Hamer, Davidson H; Barbre, Kira A; Chen, Lin H; Grobusch, Martin P; Schlagenhauf, Patricia; Goorhuis, Abraham; van Genderen, Perry J J; Molina, Israel; Asgeirsson, Hilmir; Kozarsky, Phyllis E; Caumes, Eric; Hagmann, Stefan H; Mockenhaupt, Frank P; Eperon, Gilles; Barnett, Elizabeth D; Bottieau, Emmanuel; Boggild, Andrea K; Gautret, Philippe; Hynes, Noreen A; Kuhn, Susan; Lash, R Ryan; Leder, Karin; Libman, Michael; Malvy, Denis J M; Perret, Cecilia; Rothe, Camilla; Schwartz, Eli; Wilder-Smith, Annelies; Cetron, Martin S; Esposito, Douglas H; et al (2017). Travel-associated zika virus disease acquired in the americas through february 2016: a geosentinel analysis. Annals of Internal Medicine, 166(2):99-108.

Steffen, Robert; Behrens, Ron H; Hill, David R; Greenaway, Christina; Leder, Karin (2015). Vaccine-preventable travel health risks: what is the evidence-what are the gaps? Journal of Travel Medicine, 22(1):1-12.

Leder, Karin; Steffen, Robert; Cramer, Jakob P; Greenaway, Christina (2015). Risk assessment in travel medicine: How to obtain, interpret, and use risk data for informing pre-travel advice. Journal of Travel Medicine, 22(1):13-20.

Wilson, Mary E; Chen, Lin H; Han, Pauline V; Keystone, Jay S; Cramer, Jakob P; Segurado, Aluisio; Hale, DeVon; Jensenius, Mogens; Schwartz, Eli; von Sonnenburg, Frank; Leder, Karin (2014). Illness in travelers returned from Brazil: the GeoSentinel experience and implications for the 2014 FIFA World Cup and the 2016 Summer Olympics. Clinical Infectious Diseases, 58(10):1347-1356.

Jensenius, Mogens; Han, Pauline V; Schlagenhauf, Patricia; Schwartz, Eli; Parola, Philippe; Castelli, Francesco; von Sonnenburg, Frank; Loutan, Louis; Leder, Karin; Freedman, David O (2013). Acute and potentially life-threatening tropical diseases in western travelers - a geosentinel multicenter study, 1996-2011. American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, 88(2):397-404.

Leder, Karin; Torresi, Joseph; Libman, Michael D; Cramer, Jakob P; Castelli, Francesco; Schlagenhauf, Patricia; Wilder-Smith, Annelies; Wilson, Mary E; Keystone, Jay S; Schwartz, Eli; Barnett, Elizabeth D; von Sonnenburg, Frank; Brownstein, John S; Cheng, Allen C; Sotir, Mark J; Esposito, Douglas H; Freedman, David O (2013). GeoSentinel Surveillance of illness in returned travelers, 2007-2011. Annals of Internal Medicine, 158(6):456-468.

Leder, Karin; Mütsch, Margot; Schlagenhauf, Patricia; Luxemburger, Christine; Torresi, Joseph (2013). Seroepidemiology of dengue in travellers: a paired sera analysis. Travel Medicine and Infectious Disease, 11(4):210-213.

Leder, Karin; Torresi, Joseph; Brownstein, John S; Wilson, Mary E; Keystone, Jay S; Barnett, Elizabeth; Schwartz, Eli; Schlagenhauf, Patricia; Wilder-Smith, Annelies; Castelli, Francesco; von Sonnenburg, Frank; Freedman, David O; Cheng, Allen C (2013). Travel-associated illness trends and clusters, 2000-2010. Emerging Infectious Diseases, 19(7):1049-1073.

Gautret, Philippe; Gaudart, Jean; Leder, Karin; Schwartz, Eli; Castelli, Francesco; Lim, Poh Lian; Murphy, Holly; Keystone, Jay; Cramer, Jakob; Cramer, Jacob; Shaw, Marc; Boddaert, Jacques; von Sonnenburg, Frank; Parola, Philippe (2012). Travel-associated illness in older adults (>60 y). Journal of Travel Medicine, 19(3):169-177.

Schlagenhauf, Patricia; Chen, Lin H; Wilson, Mary E; Freedman, David O; Tcheng, David; Schwartz, Eli; Pandey, Prativa; Weber, Rainer; Nadal, David; Berger, Christoph; von Sonnenburg, Frank; Keystone, Jay; Leder, Karin (2010). Sex and gender differences in travel-associated disease. Clinical Infectious Diseases, 50(6):826-832.

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