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Lehmann, S; Garayoa, E G; Blanc, A; Keist, R; Schibli, R; Rudin, M (2011). Recording intracellular molecular events from the outside: glycosylphosphatidylinositol-anchored avidin as a reporter protein for in vivo imaging. Journal of Nuclear Medicine, 52(3):445-452.

Lehmann, S. Noninvasive multimodal molecular imaging of hypoxia, HIF stabilisation and activity in murine tumor models. 2010, ETHZ Diss.No.18983, Faculty of Medicine.

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Brandl, H; Lehmann, S; Faramarzi, M A; Martinelli, D (2008). Biomobilization of silver, gold, and platinum from solid waste materials by HCN-forming microorganisms. Hydrometallurgy, 94(1-4):14-17.

Bousquet, J; Fokkens, W; Burney, P; Durham, S R; Bachert, C; Akdis, C A; Canonica, G W; Dahlen, S E; Zuberbier, T; Bieber, T; Bonini, S; Boussaoud, P J; Brozek, J L; Cardell, L O; Crameri, R; Custovic, A; Demoly, P; van Wijk, R G; Gjomarkaj, M; Holland, C; Howarth, P; Humbert, M; Johnston, S L; Kauffmann, F; Kowalski, M L; Lambrecht, B; Lehmann, S; Leynaert, B; Lodrup-Carlsen, K; Mullol, J; Niggemann, B; Nizankowska-Mogilnicka, E; Papadopoulos, N; Passalacqua, G; Sch√ľnemann, H J; Simon, H U; Todo-Bom, A; Toskala, E; Valenta, R; Wickman, M; Zock, J P (2008). Important research questions in allergy and related diseases: nonallergic rhinitis: a GA2LEN paper. Allergy, 63(7):842-853.

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