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Althoff, F; Karess, R E; Lehner, C F (2012). Spindle checkpoint-independent inhibition of mitotic chromosome segregation by Drosophila Mps1. Molecular Biology of the Cell, 23(12):2275-2291.

Zielke, N; Kim, K J; Tran, V; Shibutani, S T; Bravo, M J; Nagarajan, S; van Straaten, M; Woods, B; von Dassow, G; Rottig, C; Lehner, C F; Grewal, S S; Duronio, R J; Edgar, B A (2011). Control of Drosophila endocycles by E2F and CRL4(CDT2). Nature, 480(7375):123-144.

Schittenhelm, R B; Althoff, F; Heidmann, S; Lehner, C F (2010). Detrimental incorporation of excess Cenp-A/Cid and Cenp-C into Drosophila centromeres is prevented by limiting amounts of the bridging factor Cal1. Journal of Cell Science, 123(21):3768-3779.

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Pauli, A; Althoff, F; Oliveira, R A; Heidmann, S; Schuldiner, O; Lehner, C F; Dickson, B J; Nasmyth, K (2008). Cell-type-specific TEV protease cleavage reveals Cohesin functions in Drosophila neurons. Developmental Cell, 14(2):239-251.

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Schuh, M; Lehner, C F; Heidmann, S (2007). Incorporation of Drosophila CID/CENP-A and CENP-C into centromeres during early embryonic anaphase. Current Biology, 17(3):237-243.

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