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Ujmajuridze, Aleksandre; Chanishvili, Nina; Goderdzishvili, Marina; Leitner, Lorenz; Mehnert, Ulrich; Chkhotua, Archil; Kessler, Thomas M; Sybesma, Wilbert (2018). Adapted Bacteriophages for Treating Urinary Tract Infections. Frontiers in Microbiology, 9:1832.

Walter, Matthias; Knüpfer, Stephanie C; Cragg, Jacquelyn J; Leitner, Lorenz; Schneider, Marc P; Mehnert, Ulrich; Krassioukov, Andrei V; Schubert, Martin; Curt, Armin; Kessler, Thomas M (2018). Prediction of autonomic dysreflexia during urodynamics: a prospective cohort study. BMC Medicine:16:53.

Leitner, Lorenz; Sybesma, Wilbert; Chanishvili, Nina; Goderdzishvili, Marina; Chkhotua, Archil; Ujmajuridze, Aleksandre; Schneider, Marc P; Sartori, Andrea; Mehnert, Ulrich; Bachmann, Lucas M; Kessler, Thomas M (2017). Bacteriophages for treating urinary tract infections in patients undergoing transurethral resection of the prostate: a randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind clinical trial. BMC Urology, 17(1):90.

Koschorke, Miriam; Leitner, Lorenz; Sadri, Helen; Knüpfer, Stephanie C; Mehnert, Ulrich; Kessler, Thomas M (2017). Intradetrusor onabotulinumtoxinA injections for refractory neurogenic detrusor overactivity incontinence: do we need urodynamic investigation for outcome assessment? BJU International, 120(6):848-854.

Leitner, Lorenz; Walter, Matthias; Jarrahi, Behnaz; Wanek, Johann; Diefenbacher, Jörg; Michels, Lars; Liechti, Martina D; Kollias, Spyros S; Kessler, Thomas M; Mehnert, Ulrich (2017). A novel infusion-drainage device to assess lower urinary tract function in neuro-imaging. BJU International, 119(2):305-316.

Leitner, Lorenz; Guggenbühl-Roy, Sharmistha; Knüpfer, Stephanie C; Walter, Matthias; Schneider, Marc P; Tornic, Jure; Sammer, Ulla; Mehnert, Ulrich; Kessler, Thomas M (2016). More Than 15 Years of Experience with Intradetrusor OnabotulinumtoxinA Injections for Treating Refractory Neurogenic Detrusor Overactivity: Lessons to Be Learned. European Urology, 70(3):522-528.

Neubauer, Thomas; Grechenig, Stefan; Leitner, Lorenz; Auffarth, A; Plecko, M (2016). Vascular complications in plating of the proximal femur: review. Archives of Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgery, 136(4):539-551.

Leitner, Lorenz; Sammer, Ulla; Walter, Matthias; Knüpfer, Stephanie C; Schneider, Marc P; Seifert, Burkhardt; Tornic, Jure; Mehnert, Ulrich; Kessler, Thomas M (2016). Antibiotic prophylaxis may not be necessary in patients with asymptomatic bacteriuria undergoing intradetrusor onabotulinumtoxinA injections for neurogenic detrusor overactivity. Scientific Reports, 6:33197.

Walter, Matthias; Knüpfer, Stephanie C; Leitner, Lorenz; Mehnert, Ulrich; Schubert, Martin; Curt, Armin; Kessler, Thomas M (2016). Autonomic dysreflexia and repeatability of cardiovascular changes during same session repeat urodynamic investigation in women with spinal cord injury. World Journal of Urology, 34(3):391-397.

Leitner, Lorenz; Walter, Matthias; Sammer, Ulla; Knüpfer, Stephanie C; Mehnert, Ulrich; Kessler, Thomas M (2016). Urodynamic Investigation: A Valid Tool to Define Normal Lower Urinary Tract Function? PLoS ONE, 11(10):e0163847.

Leitner, Lorenz; Walter, Matthias; Freund, Patrick; Mehnert, Ulrich; Michels, Lars; Kollias, Spyros; Kessler, Thomas M (2014). Protocol for a prospective magnetic resonance imaging study on supraspinal lower urinary tract control in healthy subjects and spinal cord injury patients undergoing intradetrusor onabotulinumtoxinA injections for treating neurogenic detrusor overactivity. BMC Urology, 14(1):68.

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