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Levi, M; Fries, D; Gombotz, H; van der Linden, P; Nascimento, B; Callum, J L; Bélisle, S; Rizoli, S; Hardy, J-F; Johansson, P I; Samama, C M; Grottke, O; Rossaint, R; Henny, C P; Goslings, J C; Theusinger, O M; Spahn, D R; Ganter, M T; Hess, J R; Dutton, R P; Scalea, T M; Levy, J H; Spinella, P C; Panzer, S; Reesink, H W (2011). Prevention and treatment of coagulopathy in patients receiving massive transfusions. Vox Sanguinis, 101(2):154-174.

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Lötscher, M; Kaissling, B; Biber, J; Murer, H; Kempson, S A; Levi, M (1996). Regulation of rat renal Na/Pi-cotransporter by parathyroid hormone: immunohistochemistry. Kidney International, 49(4):1010-1011.

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