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Reriani, M; Flammer, A J; Li, J; Prasad, M; Rihal, C; Prasad, A; Lennon, R; Lerman, L O; Lerman, A (2014). Microvascular endothelial dysfunction predicts the development of erectile dysfunction in men with coronary atherosclerosis without critical stenoses. Coronary artery disease, 25(7):552-557.

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Lee, M S; Flammer, A J; Li, J; Lennon, R J; Singh, M; Holmes, D R; Rihal, C S; Lerman, A (2014). Time-trend analysis on the Framingham risk score and prevalence of cardiovascular risk factors in patients undergoing percutaneous coronary intervention without prior history of coronary vascular disease over the last 17 years: A study from the Mayo Clinic PCI Registry. Clinical Cardiology, 37(7):408-416.

Matsuo, Y; Cassar, A; Yoshino, S; Flammer, A J; Li, J; Gulati, R; Topilsky, Y; Raichlin, E; Lennon, R J; Lerman, L O; Rihal, C S; Kushwaha, S S; Lerman, A (2013). Attenuation of cardiac allograft vasculopathy by sirolimus: Relationship to time interval after heart transplantation. Journal of Heart and Lung Transplantation, 32(8):784-791.

Li, J; Flammer, A J; Reriani, M K; Matsuo, Y; Gulati, R; Friedman, P A; Thomas, R J; Sandhu, N P; Lerman, L O; Lerman, A (2013). High leukocyte count is associated with peripheral vascular dysfunction in individuals with low cardiovascular risk. Circulation Journal, 77(3):780-785.

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Xue, B; Müller, M H; Li, J; Pesch, T; Kasparek, M S; Sibaev, A; Hausmann, M; Rogler, G; Kreis, M E (2013). Mast cells and the cyclooxygenase pathway mediate colonic afferent nerve sensitization in a murine colitis model. Autonomic Neuroscience, 174(1-2):47-53.

Flammer, A J; Gossl, M; Li, J; Reriani, M; Shonyo, S; Loeffler, D; Herrmann, J; Lerman, L O; Lerman, A (2013). Renin inhibition with aliskiren lowers circulating endothelial progenitor cells in patients with early atherosclerosis. Journal of Hypertension, 31(3):632-635.

Matsuo, Y; Cassar, A; Li, J; Flammer, A J; Choi, B J; Herrmann, J; Gulati, R; Lennon, R J; Kang, S J; Maehara, A; Kitabata, H; Akasaka, T; Lerman, L O; Kushwaha, S S; Lerman, A (2013). Repeated episodes of thrombosis as a potential mechanism of plaque progression in cardiac allograft vasculopathy. European Heart Journal, 34(37):2905-2915.

Gu, L; Zheng, K; Zhou, Y; Li, J; Mo, X; Patzke, Greta R; Chen, G (2011). Humidity sensors based on ZnO/TiO(2) core/shell nanorod arrays with enhanced sensitivity. Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, 159(1):1-7.

Chapman, P B; Hauschild, A; Robert, C; Haanen, J B; Ascierto, P; Larkin, J; Dummer, R; Garbe, C; Testori, A; Maio, M; Hogg, D; Lorigan, P; Lebbe, C; Jouary, T; Schadendorf, D; Ribas, A; O'Day, S J; Sosman, J A; Kirkwood, J M; Eggermont, A M M; Dreno, B; Nolop, K; Li, J; Nelson, B; Hou, J; Lee, R J; Flaherty, K T; McArthur, A G (2011). Improved survival with vemurafenib in melanoma with BRAF V600E mutation. New England Journal of Medicine, 364(26):2507-2516.

Bernstein, A; Li, J (2009). From active towards itive learning: using consideration information to improve labeling correctness. In: Human Computation Workshop, Paris, France, June 2009 - June 2009.

Bühler, Y; Kellenberger, T W (2007). Development of processing chains for rapid mapping with satellite data. In: Li, J; Zlatanova, S; Fabbri, A. Geomatics solutions for disaster management. Berlin: Springer, 49-60.

Li, J (2000). The influence of further education on occupational mobility in Switzerland. European Sociological Review (ESR), 16(1):43-65.

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