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Burgett, M E; Lathia, J D; Roth, P; Nowacki, A S; Galileo, D S; Pugacheva, E; Huang, P; Vasanji, A; Li, M; Byzova, T; Mikkelsen, T; Bao, S; Rich, J N; Weller, M; Gladson, C L (2016). Direct contact with perivascular tumor cells enhances integrin αvβ3 signaling and migration of endothelial cells. OncoTarget:43852-43867.

Wirz, E G; Jaeger, V K; Allanore, Y; Riemekasten, G; Hachulla, E; Distler, O; Airò, P; Carreira, P E; Tikly, M; Vettori, S; Balbir Gurman, A; Damjanov, N; Müller-Ladner, U; Distler, J; Li, M; Häusermann, P; Walker, U A (2016). Incidence and predictors of cutaneous manifestations during the early course of systemic sclerosis: a 10-year longitudinal study from the EUSTAR database. Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases, 75(7):1285-1292.

Liedigk, R; Yang, M; Jablonski, N G; Momberg, F; Geissmann, T; Ngwe Lwin, Mr; Htin Hla, T; Liu, Z; Wong, B; Li, M; Long, Y; Zhang, Y-P; Nadler, T; Zinner, D; Roos, C (2012). Evolutionary history of the odd-nosed monkeys and the phylogenetic position of the newly described Myanmar snub-nosed monkey Rhinopithecus strykeri. PLoS ONE, 7(5):e37418.

Haynes, N M; Hawkins, E D; Li, M; McLaughlin, N M; Hämmerling, G J; Schwendener, R; Winoto, A; Wensky, A; Yagita, H; Takeda, K; Kershaw, M H; Darcy, P K; Smyth, M J (2010). CD11c(+) dendritic cells and B cells contribute to the tumoricidal activity of anti-DR5 antibody therapy in established tumors. Journal of Immunology, 185(1):532-541.

Thinh, V N; Mootnick, A R; Geissmann, T; Li, M; Ziegler, T; Agil, M; Moisson, P; Nadler, T; Walter, L; Roos, C (2010). Mitochondrial evidence for multiple radiations in the evolutionary history of small apes. BMC Evolutionary Biology, 10:74.

Li, D; Grueter, C C; Ren, B; Long, Y; Li, M; Peng, Z; Wei, F (2008). Ranging of Rhinopithecus bieti in the Samage Forest, China. II. Use of land cover types and altitudes. International Journal of Primatology, 29(5):1147-1173.

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