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Buckley, Kathleen A; Li, Pei-Lin; Khimani, Anis H; Hofmann-Lehmann, Regina; Liska, Vladimir; Anderson, Daniel C; McClure, Harold M; Ruprecht, Ruth M (2003). Convergent evolution of SIV env after independent inoculation of rhesus macaques with infectious proviral DNA. Virology, 312(2):470-480.

Ferrantelli, Flavia; Hofmann-Lehmann, Regina; Rasmussen, Robert A; Wang, Tao; Xu, Weidong; Li, Pei-Lin; Montefiori, David C; Cavacini, Lisa A; Katinger, Hermann; Stiegler, Gabriela; Anderson, Daniel C; McClure, Harold M; Ruprecht, Ruth M (2003). Post-exposure prophylaxis with human monoclonal antibodies prevented SHIV89.6P infection or disease in neonatal macaques. AIDS, 17(3):301-309.

Hofmann-Lehmann, Regina; Vlasak, Josef; Chenine, Agnès-Laurence; Li, Pei-Lin; Baba, Timothy W; Montefiori, David C; McClure, Harold M; Anderson, Daniel C; Ruprecht, Ruth M (2002). Molecular evolution of human immunodeficiency virus env in humans and monkeys: similar patterns occur during natural disease progression or rapid virus passage. Journal of Virology, 76(10):5278-5284.

Rasmussen, Robert A; Hofmann-Lehmann, Regina; Li, Pei-Lin; Vlasak, Josef; Schmitz, Joern E; Reimann, Keith A; Kuroda, Marcelo J; Letvin, Norman L; Montefiori, David C; McClure, Harold M; Ruprecht, Ruth M (2002). Neutralizing antibodies as a potential secondary protective mechanism during chronic SHIV infection in CD8+ T-cell-depleted macaques. AIDS, 16(6):829-838.

Hofmann-Lehmann, Regina; Williams, Alison L; Swenerton, Ryan K; Li, Pei-Lin; Rasmussen, Robert A; Chenine, Agnès-Laurence; McClure, Harold M; Ruprecht, Ruth M (2002). Quantitation of Simian Cytokine andβ-Chemokine mRNAs, using real-time reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction: variations in expression during chronic primate lentivirus infection. AIDS Research and Human Retroviruses, 18(9):627-639.

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