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Alioli, S; Arbuzov, A B; Bardin, D Y; Barzè, L; Bernaciak, C; Bondarenko, S G; Carloni Calame, C M; Chiesa, M; Dittmaier, S; Ferrera, G; de Florian, D; Grazzini, M; Höche, S; Huss, A; Jadach, S; Kalinovskaya, L V; Karlberg, A; Krauss, F; Li, Y; Martinez, H; Montagna, G; Mück, A; Nason, P; Nicrosini, O; Petriello, F; Piccinini, F; Płaczek, W; Prestel, S; Re, E; Sapronov, A A; et al (2017). Precision studies of observables in $pp \to W \to l\nu_l$ and $pp \to \gamma,Z \to l^+l^-$ processes at the LHC. European Physical Journal C - Particles and Fields, 77(5):280.

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Li, Y; Linde, K; Dai, J; Zhang, J; Hager, S; Saller, R; Melchart, D (2009). Zur Reliabilität der Beschreibung morphologischer Merkmale in der traditionellen chinesischen Zungendiagnostik. Forschende Komplementärmedizin, 16(2):98-104.

Papadopoulos, T; Eulenburg, V; Reddy-Alla, S; Mansuy, I M; Li, Y; Betz, H (2008). Collybistin is required for both the formation and maintenance of GABAergic postsynapses in the hippocampus. Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience, 39(2):161-169.

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