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Adelsberger, Rosmarie; Fakin, Richard; Mirtschink, Sophia; Forster, Natasha; Giovanoli, Pietro; Lindenblatt, Nicole (2019). Bedside monitoring of free flaps using ICG-fluorescence angiography significantly improves detection of postoperative perfusion impairment. Journal of Plastic Surgery and Hand Surgery, 53(3):149-154.

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Robotti, Francesco; Bottan, Simone; Fraschetti, Federica; Mallone, Anna; Pellegrini, Giovanni; Lindenblatt, Nicole; Starck, Christoph; Falk, Volkmar; Poulikakos, Dimos; Ferrari, Aldo (2018). A micron-scale surface topography design reducing cell adhesion to implanted materials. Scientific Reports, 8:10887.

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Lindenblatt, Nicole; Uyulmaz, Semra (2016). Neue Indikationen für Fat grafting: Brustrekonstruktion und Narbentherapie. Praxis, 105(22):1319-1324.

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Dummer, Reinhard; Siano, Marco; Hunger, Robert E; Lindenblatt, Nicole; Braun, Ralph; Michielin, Oliver; Mihic-Probst, Daniela; von Moos, Roger; Najafi, Yousef; Guckenberger, Merlin; Arnold, Andreas (2016). The updated Swiss guidelines 2016 for the treatment and follow-up of cutaneous melanoma. Swiss Medical Weekly, 146:w14279.

Bottan, Simone; Robotti, Francesco; Jayathissa, Prageeth; Hegglin, Alicia; Bahamonde, Nicolas; Heredia-Guerrero, José A; Bayer, Ilker S; Scarpellini, Alice; Merker, Hannes; Lindenblatt, Nicole; Poulikakos, Dimos; Ferrari, Aldo (2015). Surface-Structured Bacterial Cellulose with Guided Assembly-Based Biolithography (GAB). ACS Nano, 9(1):206-219.

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Aimi, Fabio; Georgiopoulou, Stavroula; Kalus, Ina; Lehner, Fabienne; Hegglin, Alica; Limani, Përparim; Gomes de Lima, Vinicius; A Rüegg, Markus; Hall, Michael N; Lindenblatt, Nicole; Haas, Elvira; Battegay, Edouard J; Humar, Rok (2015). Endothelial Rictor is crucial for midgestational development and sustained and extensive FGF2-induced neovascularization in the adult. Scientific Reports, 5:17705.

Lindenblatt, Nicole; El-Rabadi, Karem; Helbich, Thomas H; Czembirek, Heinrich; Deutinger, Maria; Benditte-Klepetko, Heike (2014). Correlation between MRI results and intraoperative findings in patients with silicone breast implants. International Journal of Women's Health, 6:703-709.

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Lindenblatt, Nicole; Giovanoli, Pietro (2013). Compression of the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve by a fibrous sartorius strand in a professional female soccer player. European Journal of Plastic Surgery, 36(8):531-534.

Lindenblatt, Nicole; Knapik, Alicia D (2013). In Vivo Visualisation of Skin Graft Revascularisation. In: Kamolz, Lars-Peter; Lumenta, David Benjamin. Dermal Replacements in General, Burn, and Plastic Surgery. Wien: Springer Verlag Wien, 43-55.

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Knapik, Alicia; Kornmann, Kai; Kerl, Katrin; Calcagni, Maurizio; Contaldo, Claudio; Vollmar, Brigitte; Giovanoli, Pietro; Lindenblatt, Nicole (2013). Practice of split-thickness skin graft storage and histological assessment of tissue quality. Journal of Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery, 66(6):827-834.

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Buschmann, Johanna; Härter, Luc; Gao, Shuping; Hemmi, Sonja; Welti, Manfred; Hild, Nora; Schneider, Oliver D; Stark, Wendelin J; Lindenblatt, Nicole; Werner, Clement M L; Wanner, Guido A; Calcagni, Maurizio (2012). Tissue engineered bone grafts based on biomimetic nanocomposite PLGA/amorphous calcium phosphate scaffold and human adipose-derived stem cells. Injury, 43(10):1689-1697.

Knapik, Alicia; Hegland, Niels; Calcagni, Maurizio; Althaus, Martina; Vollmar, Brigitte; Giovanoli, Pietro; Lindenblatt, Nicole (2012). Metalloproteinases facilitate connection of wound bed vessels to pre-existing skin graft vasculature. Microvascular Research, 84(1):16-23.

Contaldo, Claudio; Högger, Dominik C; Khorrami Borozadi, Meisam; Stotz, Michael; Platz, Uwe; Forster, Natasha; Lindenblatt, Nicole; Giovanoli, Pietro (2012). Radial pressure waves mediate apoptosis and functional angiogenesis during wound repair in ApoE deficient mice. Microvascular Research, 84(1):24-33.

Püschel, Anja; Lindenblatt, Nicole; Katzfuss, Juliane; Vollmar, Brigitte; Klar, Ernst (2012). Immunosuppressants accelerate microvascular thrombus formation in vivo: role of endothelial cell activation. Surgery, 151(1):26-36.

Elsherbiny, Ahmed; Högger, Dominik C; Borozadi, Meisam Khorrami; Schmidt, Christian A; Plock, Jan; Largo, Rene D; Lindenblatt, Nicole; Giovanoli, Pietro; Contaldo, Claudio (2012). EPO reverses defective wound repair in hypercholesterolaemic mice by increasing functional angiogenesis. Journal of Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery, 65(11):1559-1568.

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