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Siebel, Sabine; Dammann, Claudia; Sanz Miguel, Pablo J; Drewello, Thomas; Kampf, Gunnar; Teubner, Natascha; Bednarski, Patrick J; Freisinger, Eva; Lippert, Bernhard (2015). Analogues of Cis- and Transplatin with a Rich Solution Chemistry:cis-[PtCl2(NH3)(1-MeC-N3)] andtrans-[PtI2(NH3)(1-MeC-N3)]. Chemistry - A European Journal, 21(49):17827-17843.

Lüth, Marc Sven; Freisinger, Eva; Kampf, Gunnar; Garijo Anorbe, Marta; Griesser, Rolf; Operschall, Bert P; Sigel, Helmut; Lippert, Bernhard (2015). Connectivity patterns and rotamer states of nucleobases determine acid–base properties of metalated purine quartets. Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry, 148:93-104.

Gil Bardají, Elisa; Freisinger, Eva; Costisella, Burkhard; Schalley, Christoph A; Brüning, Wolfgang; Sabat, Michal; Lippert, Bernhard (2007). Mixed-Metal (Platinum, Palladium), Mixed-Pyrimidine (Uracil, Cytosine) Self-Assembling Metallacalix[n]arenes: Dynamic Combinatorial Chemistry with Nucleobases and Metal Species. Chemistry - A European Journal, 13(21):6019-6039.

Müller, Jens; Freisinger, Eva; Sanz Miguel, Pablo J; Lippert, Bernhard (2003). Diplatinum(III) Complexes with Four Bridging 1-Methylcytosinato Nucleobases Derived from a Mononucleartrans-(NH3)2PtIIComplex and CuII. Inorganic Chemistry, 42(17):5117-5125.

Beck, Bettina; Schneider, Alexandra; Freisinger, Eva; Holthenrich, Dagmar; Erxleben, Andrea; Albinati, Alberto; Zangrando, Ennio; Randaccio, Lucio; Lippert, Bernhard (2003). Inter- and intra-molecular condensation patterns of (en)PdII with trans-[a2PtL2]2+ (a = am(m)ine, L = 2-aminopyridine): PtPd3 and Pt2Pd4 species with multiple amide bridges. Unexpected trapping of a pair of nitrate ions by a Pt2Pd4 double cone. Dalton Transactions, (12):2533-2539.

Kampf, Gunnar; Willermann, Michael; Freisinger, Eva; Lippert, Bernhard (2002). Diplatinum(III) complexes with bridging 1-methylcytosinate ligands and variable axial ligands, including guanine nucleobases. Inorganica Chimica Acta, 330(1):179-188.

Brüning, Wolfgang; Ascaso, Ivana; Freisinger, Eva; Sabat, Michal; Lippert, Bernhard (2002). Metal-stabilized rare tautomers of nucleobases. 8. Promotion of rare cytosine tautomer upon complex formation with (dien)M2+ (M=Pt, Pd). Inorganica Chimica Acta, 339:400-410.

Moreno-Luque, C F; Freisinger, Eva; Griesser, R; Ochocki, J; Lippert, Bernhard; Sigel, H (2001). Comparison of the acis-base properties of 5- and 6-uracilmethylphosphonate (5Umpa2- and 6Umpa2-) and some related compounds. Evidence for intramolecular hydrogen-bond formation in aqueous solution between (N1)H and the phosphonate group of 6Umpa2-. Royal Chemical Society. Journal. Perkin Transactions 2, 10:2005-2011.

Lüth, M S; Freisinger, Eva; Lippert, Bernhard (2001). Metal-modified nucleobase pairs and triplets as cytosine receptors. Chemistry - A European Journal, 7(10):2104-2113.

Freisinger, Eva; Schimanski, A; Lippert, Bernhard (2001). Thymine-metal ion interactions: Relevance for thymine quartet structures. Journal of Biological Inorganic Chemistry, 6:378-389.

Riera, X; Caubet, A; Lopez, C; Moreno, V; Freisinger, Eva; Willermann, Michael; Lippert, Bernhard (2001). Versatility in the mode of coordination [(C)−, (N,S), (C,N)− or (C,N,S)−] of the Schiff base: C6H5–CH=N–CH2–CH2–SEt to palladium(II). X-ray crystal structures of cis-[Pd{C6H5–CH=N–CH2–CH2–SEt}Cl2] and [Pd{C6H4–CH=N–CH2–CH2–SEt}Cl]. Journal of Organometallic Chemistry, 629:97-108.

Sigel, Roland K O; Freisinger, Eva; Lippert, Bernhard (1998). If Watson–Crick and Hoogsteen sites of guanine are blocked, hydrogen bonding with cytosine is via N2 and N3. Chemical Communications, (2):219-220.

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