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Liu, L; Tharmalingam, T; Maischberger, E; Albrecht, S; Gallagher, M E; Miranda-CasoLuengo, R; Meijer, W G; Rudd, P M; Irwin, J A (2013). A HPLC-based glycoanalytical protocol allows the use of natural O-glycans derived from glycoproteins as substrates for glycosidase discovery from microbial culture. Glycoconjugate journal, 30(8):791-800.

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Koelsch, K K; Liu, L; Haubrich, R; May, S; Havlir, D; Günthard, H F; Ignacio, C C; Campos-Soto, P; Little, S J; Shafer, R; Robbins, G K; D'Aquila, R T; Kawano, Y; Young, K; Dao, P; Spina, C A; Richman, D D; Wong, J K (2008). Dynamics of total, linear nonintegrated, and integrated HIV-1 DNA in vivo and in vitro. Journal of Infectious Diseases, 197(3):411-419.

Hegi, M E; Liu, L; Herman, J G; Stupp, R; Wick, W; Weller, M; Mehta, M P; Gilbert, M R (2008). Correlation of O6-methylguanine methyltransferase (MGMT) promoter methylation with clinical outcomes in glioblastoma and clinical strategies to modulate MGMT activity. Journal of Clinical Oncology, 26(25):4189-4199.

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