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Tamai, A; Baumberger, F; Hengsberger, M; Lobo-Checa, J; Muntwiler, M; Corso, M; Cirelli, C; Patthey, L; Shen, Z X; Greber, T; Osterwalder, J (2010). LUMO photoemission lineshape in quasi-one-dimensional C$_{60}$ chains. Physical Review B, 81(4):045423.

Lobo-Checa, J; Meier, F; Dil, J H; Okuda, T; Corso, M; Petrov, V N; Hengsberger, M; Patthey, L; Osterwalder, J (2010). Robust spin polarization and spin textures on stepped Au(111) surfaces. Physical Review Letters, 104(18):187602.

Lobo-Checa, J; Matena, M; Müller, K; Dil, J H; Meier, F; Gade, H L; Jung, T A; Stöhr, M (2009). Band Formation from Coupled Quantum Dots Formed by a Nanoporous Network on a Copper Surface. Science, 325(5938):300-303.

Okuda, T; Lobo-Checa, J; Auwaerter, W; Morscher, M; Hoesch, M; Petrov, V N; Hengsberger, M; Tamai, A; Dolocan, A; Cirelli, C; Corso, M; Muntwiler, M; Klöckner, M; Roos, M; Osterwalder, J; Greber, T (2009). Exchange splitting of the three Γ¯ surface states of Ni(111) from three-dimensional spin- and angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy. Physical Review. B, Condensed Matter and Materials Physics, 80(18):180404.

Hoesch, M; Petrovic, V N; Muntwiler, M; Hengsberger, M; Lobo-Checa, J; Greber, T; Osterwalder, J (2009). Two- and three-dimensional band structure of ultrathin Ni on Cu(001). Physical Review B, 79(15):155404-10pp.

Lobo-Checa, J; Okuda, T; Hengsberger, M; Patthey, L; Greber, T; Blaha, P; Osterwalder, J (2008). Hidden surface states on pristine and H-passivated Ni(111): Angle-resolved photoemission and density-functional calculations. Physical Review B, 77(7):075415-8pp.

Meier, F; Dil, H; Lobo-Checa, J; Patthey, L; Osterwalder, J (2008). Quantitative vectorial spin analysis in angle-resolved photoemission: Bi/Ag(111) and Pb/Ag(111). Physical Review B, 77(16):165431.

Dil, J H; Meier, F; Lobo-Checa, J; Patthey, L; Bihlmayer, G; Osterwalder, J (2008). Rashba-Type Spin-Orbit Splitting of Quantum Well States in Ultrathin Pb Films. Physical Review Letters, 101(26):266802-4pp.

Dil, H; Lobo-Checa, J; Laskowski, R; Blaha, P; Berner, S; Osterwalder, J; Greber, T (2008). Surface trapping of atoms and molecules with dipole rings. Science, 319(5871):1824-1826.

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