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Herwig, U; Lutz, J; Scherpiet, S; Scheerer, H; Kohlberg, J; Opialla, S; Preuss, A; Steiger, V R; Sulzer, J; Weidt, S; Stämpfli, P; Rufer, M; Seifritz, E; Jäncke, Lutz; Brühl, A B (2019). Training emotion regulation through real-time fMRI neurofeedback of amygdala activity. NeuroImage, (184):687-696.

Lutz, J; Brühl, A B; Scheerer, H; Jäncke, Lutz; Herwig, U (2016). Neural correlates of mindful self-awareness in mindfulness meditators and meditation-naïve subjects revisited. Biological Psychology, 119:21-30.

Weidt, S; Lutz, J; Rufer, M; Delsignore, A; Jakob, N J; Herwig, U; Bruehl, A B (2016). Common and differential alterations of general emotion processing in obsessive-compulsive and social anxiety disorder. Psychological Medicine, 46(07):1427-1436.

Lutz, J; Brühl, A B; Doerig, Nadja; Scheerer, H; Achermann, R; Weibel, A; Jäncke, Lutz; Herwig, U (2016). Altered processing of self-related emotional stimuli in mindfulness meditators. NeuroImage, 124(Pt A):958-967.

Thon, N; Kunz, M; Lemke, L; Jansen, N L; Eigenbrod, S; Kreth, S; Lutz, J; Egensperger, R; Giese, A; Herms, J; Weller, M; Kretzschmar, H; Tonn, J C; laFougère, C; Kreth, F W (2015). Dynamic (18) F-FET PET in suspected WHO grade II gliomas defines distinct biological subgroups with different clinical courses. International Journal of Cancer, 136(9):2132-2145.

Juckel, G; Karch, S; Kawohl, W; Kirsch, V; Jäger, L; Leicht, G; Lutz, J; Stammel, A; Pogarell, O; Ertl, M; Reiser, M; Hegerl, U; Möller, H J; Mulert, C (2012). Age effects on the P300 potential and the corresponding fMRI BOLD-signal. NeuroImage, 60(4):2027-2034.

Lutz, J; Jäger, L; de Quervain, D J F; Krauseneck, T; Padberg, F; Wichnalek, M; Beyer, A; Stahl, R; Zirngibl, B; Morhard, D; Reiser, M; Schelling, G (2008). White and gray matter abnormalities in the brain of patients with fibromyalgia: A diffusion-tensor and volumetric imaging study. Arthritis and Rheumatism, 58(12):3960-3969.

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