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Burda, P; Kuster, A; Hjalmarson, O; Suormala, T; Bürer, C; Lutz, S; Roussey, G; Christa, L; Asin-Cayuela, J; Kollberg, G; Andersson, B A; Watkins, D; Rosenblatt, D S; Fowler, B; Holme, E; Froese, D S; Baumgartner, M R (2015). Characterization and review of MTHFD1 deficiency: four new patients, cellular delineation and response to folic and folinic acid treatment. Journal of Inherited Metabolic Disease, 38(5):863-872.

Owczarek-Lipska, M; Jagannathan, V; Drögemüller, C; Lutz, S; Glanemann, B; Leeb, T; Kook, P H (2013). A frameshift mutation in the cubilin gene (CUBN) in Border Collies with Imerslund-Gräsbeck syndrome (selective cobalamin malabsorption). PLoS ONE, 8(4):e61144.

Lutz, S; Sewell, A C; Reusch, C E; Kook, P H (2013). Clinical and laboratory findings in border collies with presumed hereditary juvenile cobalamin deficiency. Journal of the American Animal Hospital Association, 49(3):197-203.

Lutz, S; Sewell, A C; Bigler, B; Riond, B; Reusch, C E; Kook, P H (2012). Serum cobalamin, urine methylmalonic acid, and plasma total homocysteine concentrations in Border Collies and dogs of other breeds. American Journal of Veterinary Research, 73(8):1194-1199.

Kook, P H; Lutz, S; Sewell, A C; Bigler, B; Reusch, C E (2012). Untersuchungen zur Serumcobalaminkonzentration bei Katzen mit gastrointestinaler Symptomatik. Schweizer Archiv für Tierheilkunde, 154(11):479-486.

Czöndör, K; Ellwanger, K; Fuchs, J F; Lutz, S; Gulyás, M; Mansuy, I M; Hausser, A; Pfizenmaier, K; Schlett, K (2009). Protein kinase D controls the integrity of Golgi apparatus and the maintenance of dendritic arborization in hippocampal neurons. Molecular Biology of the Cell, 20(7):2108-2120.

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