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Morsbach, Fabian; Hinzpeter, Ricarda; Higashigaito, Kai; Benz, David; Manka, Robert; Keller, Dagmar I; Alkadhi, Hatem (2018). Chest pain CT in the Emergency Department: evaluating the coronary arteries even when not specifically asked for? Acta Radiologica, 59(11):1309-1315.

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Sürder, Daniel; Manka, Robert; Moccetti, Tiziano; Lo Cicero, Viviana; Emmert, Maximilian Y; Klersy, Catherine; Soncin, Sabrina; Turchetto, Lucia; Radrizzani, Marina; Zuber, Michel; Windecker, Stephan; Moschovitis, Aris; Bühler, Ines; Kozerke, Sebastian; Erne, Paul; Lüscher, Thomas F; Corti, Roberto (2016). Effect of Bone Marrow-Derived Mononuclear Cell Treatment, Early or Late After Acute Myocardial Infarction: Twelve Months CMR and Long-Term Clinical Results. Circulation Research, 119(3):481-490.

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