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Manser, Christine N; Kraus, Andrea; Frei, Thomas; Rogler, Gerhard; Held, Leonhard (2017). The impact of cold spells on the incidence of infectious gastroenteritis and relapse rates of inflammatory bowel disease: a retrospective controlled observational study. Inflammatory Intestinal Diseases, 2(2):124-130.

Vavricka, Stephan R; Gubler, Martin; Gantenbein, Claudine; Spoerri, Muriel; Froehlich, Florian; Seibold, Frank; Protic, Marijana; Michetti, Pierre; Straumann, Alex; Fournier, Nicolas; Juillerat, Pascal; Biedermann, Luc; Zeitz, Jonas; Misselwitz, Benjamin; Scharl, Michael; Heinrich, Henriette; Manser, Christine N; Safroneeva, Ekaterina; Raja Ali, Raja Affendi; Rogler, Gerhard; Schoepfer, Alain M; Greuter, Thomas; Swiss IBD Cohort Study Group (2017). Anti-TNF Treatment for Extraintestinal Manifestations of Inflammatory Bowel Disease in the Swiss IBD Cohort Study. Inflammatory Bowel Diseases, 23(7):1174-1181.

Manser, Christine N; Borovicka, Jan; Seibold, Frank; Vavricka, Stephan R; Lakatos, Peter L; Fried, Michael; Rogler, Gerhard; investigators of the Swiss Inflammatory Bowel Disease Cohort Stu (2016). Risk factors for complications in patients with ulcerative colitis. United European Gastroenterology Journal, 4(2):281-287.

Sulz, Michael C; Kröger, Arne; Prakash, Meher; Manser, Christine N; Heinrich, Henriette; Misselwitz, Benjamin (2016). Meta-analysis of the effect of bowel preparation on adenoma detection: early adenomas affected stronger than advanced adenomas. PLoS ONE, 11(6):e0154149.

Manser, Christine N; Gubler, Christoph; Müllhaupt, Beat; Bauerfeind, Peter (2015). Unnecessary procedures and surgery in Autoimmune Pancreatitis. Digestion, 92(3):138-146.

Vavricka, Stephan R; Radivojevic, Sanja; Manser, Christine N; Frei, Pascal; Burri, Emanuel; Fried, Michael; Schoepfer, Alain; Peyrin-Biroulet, Laurent; Michetti, Pierre; Rogler, Gerhard; Biedermann, Luc (2014). Addressing current treatment challenges in Crohn's disease in real life: A physician's survey. Digestive and Liver Disease, 46(12):1066-1071.

Manser, Christine N; Frei, Pascal; Grandinetti, Tanja; Biedermann, Luc; Mwinyi, Jessica; Vavricka, Stephan R; Schoepfer, Alain; Fried, Michael; Rogler, Gerhard (2014). Risk factors for repetitive ileocolic resection in patients with Crohn's disease: results of an observational cohort study. Inflammatory Bowel Diseases, 20(9):1548-1554.

Manser, Christine N; Bauerfeind, Peter (2014). Impact of socioeconomic status on incidence, mortality, and survival of colorectal cancer patients: a systematic review. Gastrointestinal Endoscopy, 80(1):42-60.e9.

Frei, Pascal; Leucht, Anna-Kathrin; Held, Ulrike; Kofmehl, Reto; Manser, Christine N; Schmitt, Johannes; Mertens, Joachim; Rau, Monika; Baur, Katharina; Gerlach, Tilman; Negro, Francesco; Heim, Markus; Moradpour, Darius; Cerny, Andreas; Dufour, Jean-François; Müllhaupt, Beat; Geier, Andreas (2014). Elderly age is not a negative predictive factor for virological response to therapy with pegylated interferon-α and ribavirin in chronic hepatitis C virus patients. Liver International, 34(4):551-557.

Vavricka, Stephan R; Rogler, Gerhard; Maetzler, Sandra; Misselwitz, Benjamin; Safroneeva, Ekaterina; Frei, Pascal; Manser, Christine N; Biedermann, Luc; Fried, Michael; Higgins, Peter; Wojtal, Kacper A; Schoepfer, Alain M (2014). High altitude journeys and flights are associated with an increased risk of flares in inflammatory bowel disease patients. Journal of Crohn's & colitis, 8(3):191-199.

Manser, Christine N; Paul, Michaela; Rogler, Gerhard; Held, Leonhard; Frei, Thomas (2013). Heat waves, incidence of infectious gastroenteritis, and relapse rates of inflammatory bowel disease: a retrospective controlled observational study. American Journal of Gastroenterology, 108(9):1480-1485.

Vavricka, Stephan R; Manser, Christine N; Hediger, Sebastian; Vögelin, Marius; Scharl, Michael; Biedermann, Luc; Rogler, Sebastian; Seibold, Frank; Sanderink, René; Attin, Thomas; Schoepfer, Alain; Fried, Michael; Rogler, Gerhard; Frei, Pascal (2013). Periodontitis and gingivitis in inflammatory bowel disease: a case-control study. Inflammatory Bowel Diseases, 19(13):2768-2777.

Manser, Christine N; Bachmann, Lucas M; Brunner, Jakob; Hunold, Fritz; Bauerfeind, Peter; Marbet, Urs A (2012). Colonoscopy screening markedly reduces the occurrence of colon carcinomas and carcinoma-related death: a closed cohort study. Gastrointestinal Endoscopy, 76(1):110-117.

Manser, Christine N; Bauerfeind, Peter; Gubler, Christoph (2012). Iatrogenic complications in five patients with upper gastrointestinal bleeding due to ambient air: case series and literature review. Case Reports in Gastroenterology, 6(1):197-204.

Frei, Pascal; Biedermann, Luc; Manser, Christine N; Wilk, Maike; Manz, Michael; Vavricka, Stephan R; Rogler, Gerhard (2012). Topical therapies in inflammatory bowel disease. Digestion, 86(Suppl. 1):36-44.

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