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Araújo, W L; Nunes-Nesi, A; Osorio, S; Usadel, B; Fuentes, D; Nagy, R; Balbo, I; Lehmann, M; Studart-Witkowski, C; Tohge, T; Martinoia, E; Jordana, X; Damatta, F M; Fernie, A R (2011). Antisense inhibition of the iron-sulphur subunit of succinate dehydrogenase enhances photosynthesis and growth in tomato via an organic acid-mediated effect on stomatal aperture. Plant Cell, 23(2):600-627.

Song, W-Y; Choi, K-S; Alexis, D A; Martinoia, E; Lee, Y (2011). Brassica juncea plant cadmium resistance 1 protein (BjPCR1) facilitates the radial transport of calcium in the root. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS), 108(49):19808-19813.

Ramos, M S; Abele, R; Nagy, R; Grotemeyer, M S; Tampé, R; Rentsch, D; Martinoia, E (2011). Characterization of a transport activity for long-chain peptides in barley mesophyll vacuoles. Journal of Experimental Botany, 62(7):2403-2410.

Song, W-Y; Hörtensteiner, S; Tomioka, R; Lee, Y; Martinoia, E (2011). Common functions or only phylogenetically related? The large family of PLAC8 motif-containing/PCR genes. Molecules and Cells, 31(1):1-7.

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Tohge, T; Ramos, M S; Nunes-Nesi, A; Mutwil, M; Giavalisco, P; Steinhauser, D; Schellenberg, M; Willmitzer, L; Persson, S; Martinoia, E; Fernie, A R (2011). Toward the storage metabolome: profiling the barley vacuole. Plant Physiology, 157(3):1469-82.

Song, W Y; Choi, K S; Kim, D Y; Geisler, M; Park, J; Vincenzetti, V; Schellenberg, M; Kim, S H; Lim, Y P; Noh, E W; Lee, Y; Martinoia, E (2010). Arabidopsis PCR2 is a zinc exporter involved in both zinc extrusion and long-distance zinc transport. Plant Cell, 22(7):2237-2252.

Ruzicka, K; Strader, L C; Bailly, A; Yang, H; Blakeslee, J; Langowski, L; Nejedlá, E; Fujita, H; Itoh, H; Syono, K; Hejátko, J; Gray, W M; Martinoia, E; Geisler, M; Bartel, B; Murphy, A S; Friml, J (2010). Arabidopsis PIS1 encodes the ABCG37 transporter of auxinic compounds including the auxin precursor indole-3-butyric acid. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS), 107(23):10749-10753.

Song, W Y; Park, J; Mendoza-Cózatl, D G; Suter-Grotemeyer, M; Shim, D; Hörtensteiner, S; Geisler, M; Weder, B; Rea, P A; Rentsch, D; Schroeder, J I; Lee, Y; Martinoia, E (2010). Arsenic tolerance in Arabidopsis is mediated by two ABCC-type phytochelatin transporters. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS), 107(49):21187-21192.

Meyer, S; Mumm, P; Imes, D; Endler, A; Weder, B; Al-Rasheid, K A S; Geiger, D; Marten, I; Martinoia, E; Hedrich, R (2010). AtALMT12 represents an R-type anion channel required for stomatal movement in Arabidopsis guard cells. The Plant Journal, 63(6):1054-1062.

Cho, J I; Burla, B; Lee, D W; Ryoo, N; Hong, S K; Kim, H B; Eom, J S; Choi, S B; Cho, M H; Bhoo, S H; Hahn, T R; Neuhaus, H E; Martinoia, E; Jeon, J S (2010). Expression analysis and functional characterization of the monosaccharide transporters, OsTMTs, involving vacuolar sugar transport in rice (Oryza sativa). The New Phytologist, 186(3):657-668.

Meyer, S; De Angeli, A; Fernie, A R; Martinoia, E (2010). Intra- and extra-cellular excretion of carboxylates. Trends in Plant Science, 15(1):40-47.

Birbaum, K; Brogioli, R; Schellenberg, M; Martinoia, E; Stark, W J; Günther, D; Limbach, L K (2010). No evidence for cerium dioxide nanoparticle translocation in maize plants. Environmental Science and Technology, 44(22):8718-8723.

Kim, D Y; Jin, J Y; Alejandro, S; Martinoia, E; Lee, Y (2010). Overexpression of AtABCG36 improves drought and salt stress resistance in Arabidopsis. Physiologia Plantarum, 139(2):170-180.

Kang, J; Hwang, J U; Lee, M; Kim, Y Y; Assmann, S M; Martinoia, E; Lee, Y (2010). PDR-type ABC transporter mediates cellular uptake of the phytohormone abscisic acid. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS), 107(5):2355-2360.

Breuillin, F; Schramm, J; Hajirezaei, M; Ahkami, A; Favre, P; Druege, U; Hauser, B; Bucher, M; Kretzschmar, T; Bossolini, E; Kuhlemeier, C; Martinoia, E; Franken, P; Scholz, Uwe; Reinhardt, D (2010). Phosphate systemically inhibits development of arbuscular mycorrhiza in Petunia hybrida and represses genes involved in mycorrhizal functioning. The Plant Journal, 64(6):1002-1017.

Mendoza-Cózatl, D G; Zhai, Z; Jobe, T O; Akmakjian, G Z; Song, W Y; Limbo, O; Russell, M R; Kozlovskyy, V I; Martinoia, E; Vatamaniuk, O K; Russell, P; Schroeder, J I (2010). Tonoplast-localized Abc2 transporter mediates phytochelatin accumulation in vacuoles and confers cadmium tolerance. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 285(52):40416-40126.

Kim, Y Y; Choi, H; Segami, S; Cho, H T; Martinoia, E; Maeshima, M; Lee, Y (2009). AtHMA1 contributes to the detoxification of excess Zn(II) in Arabidopsis. The Plant Journal, 58(5):737-753.

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Tomasi, N; Kretzschmar, T; Espen, L; Weisskopf, L; Fuglsang, A T; Palmgren, M G; Neumann, G; Varanini, Z; Pinton, R; Martinoia, E; Cesco, S (2009). Plasma membrane H-ATPase-dependent citrate exudation from cluster roots of phosphate-deficient white lupin. Plant, Cell and Environment, 32(5):465-475.

Beyhl, D; Hörtensteiner, S; Martinoia, E; Farmer, E E; Fromm, J; Marten, I; Hedrich, R (2009). The fou2 mutation in the major vacuolar cation channel TPC1 confers tolerance to inhibitory luminal calcium. The Plant Journal, 58(5):715-723.

Endler, A; Reiland, S; Gerrits, B; Schmidt, U G; Baginsky, S; Martinoia, E (2009). In vivo phosphorylation sites of barley tonoplast proteins identified by a phosphoproteomic approach. Proteomics, 9(2):310-321.

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Shim, D; Hwang, J U; Lee, J; Lee, S; Choi, Y; An, G; Martinoia, E; Lee, Y (2009). Orthologs of the class A4 heat shock transcription factor HsfA4a confer cadmium tolerance in wheat and rice. Plant Cell, 21(12):4031-4043.

Schneider, T; Schellenberg, M; Meyer, S; Keller, F; Gehrig, P; Riedel, K; Lee, Y; Eberl, L; Martinoia, E (2009). Quantitative detection of changes in the leaf-mesophyll tonoplast proteome in dependency of a cadmium exposure of barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) plants. Proteomics, 9(10):2668-77.

Nagy, R; Grob, H; Weder, B; Green, P; Klein, M; Frelet-Barrand, A; Schjoerring, J K; Brearley, C; Martinoia, E (2009). The Arabidopsis ATP-binding cassette protein AtMRP5/AtABCC5 is a high affinity inositol hexakisphosphate transporter involved in guard cell signaling and phytate storage. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 284(48):33614-33622.

Santelia, D; Henrichs, S; Vincenzetti, V; Sauer, M; Bigler, L; Klein, M; Bailly, A; Lee, Y; Friml, J; Geisler, M; Martinoia, E (2008). Flavonoids redirect PIN-mediated polar auxin fluxes during root gravitropic responses. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 283(45):31218-31226.

Lee, M; Choi, Y; Burla, B; Kim, Y Y; Jeon, B; Maeshima, M; Yoo, J Y; Martinoia, E; Lee, Y (2008). The ABC transporter AtABCB14 is a malate importer and modulates stomatal response to CO2. Nature Cell Biology, 10(10):1217-1223.

Krügel, U; Veenhoff, L M; Langbein, J; Wiederhold, E; Liesche, J; Friedrich, T; Grimm, B; Martinoia, E; Poolman, B; Kühn, C (2008). Transport and sorting of the solanum tuberosum sucrose transporter SUT1 is affected by posttranslational modification. Plant Cell, 20(9):2497-2513.

Bailly, A; Sovero, V; Vincenzetti, V; Santelia, D; Bartnik, D; Koenig, B W; Mancuso, S; Martinoia, E; Geisler, M (2008). Modulation of P-glycoproteins by auxin transport inhibitors is mediated by interaction with immunophilins. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 283(31):21817-21826.

Tomasi, N; Weisskopf, L; Renella, G; Landi, L; Pinton, R; Varanini, Z; Nannipieri, P; Torrent, J; Martinoia, E; Cesco, S (2008). Flavonoids of white lupin roots participate in phosphorus mobilization from soil. Soil Biology and Biochemistry, 40(7):1971-1974.

Jasinski, M; Sudre, D; Schansker, G; Schellenberg, M; Constant, S; Martinoia, E; Bovet, L (2008). AtOSA1, a member of the Abc1-like family, as a new factor in cadmium and oxidative stress response. Plant Physiology, 147(2):719-731.

Badri, D V; Loyola-Vargas, V M; Broeckling, C D; De-la-Peña, C; Jasinski, M; Santelia, D; Martinoia, E; Sumner, L W; Banta, L M; Stermitz, F; Vivanco, J M (2008). Altered profile of secondary metabolites in the root exudates of Arabidopsis ATP-binding cassette transporter mutants. Plant Physiology, 146(2):762-771.

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Weisskopf, L; Le Bayon, R C; Kohler, F; Page, V; Jossi, M; Gobat, J M; Martinoia, E; Aragno, M (2008). Spatio-temporal dynamics of bacterial communities associated with two plant species differing in organic acid secretion: A one-year microcosm study on lupin and wheat. Soil Biology and Biochemistry, 40(7):1772-1780.

Martinoia, E; Maeshima, M; Neuhaus, H E (2006). Vacuolar transporters and their essential role in plant metabolism. Journal of Experimental Botany, 58(1):83-102.

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