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Giannopoulos, Andreas A; Mitsouras, Dimitrios; Bartykowszki, Andrea; Merkely, Béla; Chatzizisis, Yiannis S; Buechel, Ronny R; Kaufmann, Philipp A; Gaemperli, Oliver; Maurovich-Horvat, Pál (2018). High-Risk plaque regression and stabilization: hybrid noninvasive morphological and hemodynamic assessment. Circulation. Cardiovascular Imaging, 11(7):e007888.

Károlyi, Mihály; Seifarth, Harald; Liew, Gary; Schlett, Christopher L; Maurovich-Horvat, Pál; Stolzmann, Paul; Dai, Guangping; Huang, Shuning; Goergen, Craig J; Nakano, Masataka; Otsuka, Fumiyuki; Virmani, Renu; Hoffmann, Udo; Sosnovik, David E (2013). Classification of coronary atherosclerotic plaques ex vivo with T1, T2, and ultrashort echo time CMR. JACC. Cardiovascular Imaging, 6(4):466-474.

Schlett, Christopher L; Maurovich-Horvat, Pál; Ferencik, Maros; Alkadhi, Hatem; Stolzmann, Paul; Scheffel, Hans; Seifarth, Harald; Nakano, Masataka; Do, Synho; Vorpahl, Marc; Kauczor, Hans-Ulrich; Bamberg, Fabian; Tearney, Guillermo J; Virmani, Renu; Hoffmann, Udo (2013). Histogram analysis of lipid-core plaques in coronary computed tomographic angiography: Ex vivo validation against histology. Investigative Radiology, 48(9):646-653.

Schlett, Christopher L; Ferencik, Maros; Celeng, Csilla; Maurovich-Horvat, Pál; Scheffel, Hans; Stolzmann, Paul; Do, Synho; Kauczor, Hans-Ulrich; Alkadhi, Hatem; Bamberg, Fabian; Hoffmann, Udo (2013). How to assess non-calcified plaque in CT angiography: delineation methods affect diagnostic accuracy of low-attenuation plaque by CT for lipid-core plaque in histology. European Heart Journal Cardiovascular Imaging, 14(11):1099-1105.

Scheffel, Hans; Stolzmann, Paul; Schlett, Christopher L; Engel, Leif-Christopher; Major, Gyöngi Petra; Károlyi, Mihály; Do, Synho; Maurovich-Horvat, Pál; Hoffmann, Udo (2012). Coronary artery plaques: cardiac CT with model-based and adaptive-statistical iterative reconstruction technique. European Journal of Radiology, 81(3):e363-e369.

Maurovich-Horvat, Pál; Schlett, Christopher L; Alkadhi, Hatem; Nakano, Masataka; Stolzmann, Paul; Vorpahl, Marc; Scheffel, Hans; Tanaka, Atsushi; Warger, William C; Maehara, Akiko; Ma, Shixin; Kriegel, Matthias F; Kaple, Ryan K; Seifarth, Harald; Bamberg, Fabian; Mintz, Gary S; Tearney, Guillermo J; Virmani, Renu; Hoffmann, Udo (2012). Differentiation of Early from Advanced Coronary Atherosclerotic Lesions: Systematic Comparison of CT, Intravascular US, and Optical Frequency Domain Imaging with Histopathologic Examination in ex Vivo Human Hearts. Radiology, 265(2):393-401.

Seifarth, Harald; Schlett, Christopher L; Nakano, Masataka; Otsuka, Fumiyuki; Károlyi, Mihály; Liew, Gary; Maurovich-Horvat, Pál; Alkadhi, Hatem; Virmani, Renu; Hoffmann, Udo (2012). Histopathological correlates of the napkin-ring sign plaque in coronary CT angiography. Atherosclerosis, 224(1):90-96.

Maurovich-Horvat, Pál; Schlett, Christopher L; Alkadhi, Hatem; Nakano, Masataka; Otsuka, Fumiyuki; Stolzmann, Paul; Scheffel, Hans; Ferencik, Maros; Kriegel, Matthias F; Seifarth, Harald; Virmani, Renu; Hoffmann, Udo (2012). The Napkin-Ring sign indicates advanced atherosclerotic lesions in coronary CT angiography. JACC. Cardiovascular Imaging, 5(12):1243-1252.

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