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Andersen, S D; Keijzers, G; Rampakakis, E; Engels, K; Luhn, P; El-Shemerly, M; Nielsen, F C; Du, Y; May, A; Bohr, V A; Ferrari, S; Zannis-Hadjopoulos, M; Fu, H; Rasmussen, L J (2012). 14-3-3 checkpoint regulatory proteins interact specifically with DNA repair protein human exonuclease 1 (hEXO1) via a semi-conserved motif. DNA Repair, 11(3):267-277.

Ziegler, G; Dahnke, R; Jäncke, Lutz; Yotter, R A; May, A; Gaser, C (2012). Brain structural trajectories over the adult lifespan. Human Brain Mapping, 33(10):2377-2389.

Rohrmann, S; Steinbrecher, A; Linseisen, J; Hermann, S; May, A; Luan, J; Ekelund, U; Overvad, K; Tjønneland, A; Halkjær, J; Fagherazzi, G; Boutron-Ruault, M C; Clavel-Chapelon, F; Agnoli, C; Tumino, R; Masala, G; Mattiello, A; Ricceri, F; Travier, N; Amiano, P; Ardanaz, E; Chirlaque, M D; Sanchez, M J; Rodríguez, L; Nilsson, L M; Johansson, I; Hedblad, B; Rosvall, M; Lund, E; Braaten, T; Naska, A; Orfanos, P; Trichopoulou, A; van den Berg, S; Bueno-de-Mesquita, H B; Bergmann, M M; Steffen, A; Kaaks, R; Teucher, B; Wareham, N J; Khaw, K T; Crowe, F L; Illner, A K; Slimani, N; Gallo, V; Mouw, T; Norat, T; Peeters, P H M (2012). The association of education with long-term weight change in the EPIC-PANACEA cohort. European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 66(8):957-963.

Speina, E; Dawut, L; Hedayati, M; Wang, Z; May, A; Schwendener, S; Janscak, P; Croteau, D L; Bohr, V A (2010). Human RECQL5{beta} stimulates flap endonuclease 1. Nucleic Acids Research, 38(9):2904-2916.

Evers, S; Afra, J; Frese, A; Goadsby, P J; Linde, M; May, A; Sándor, P S (2009). EFNS guideline on the drug treatment of migraine--revised report of an EFNS task force. European Journal of Neurology, 16(9):968-981.

Straube, A; May, A; Kropp, P; Katsarava, Z; Haag, G; Lampl, C; Sándor, P S; Diener, H C; Evers, S (2008). Therapie primärer chronischer Kopfschmerzen: Chronische Migräne, chronischer Kopfschmerz vom Spannungstyp und andere chronische tägliche Kopfschmerzen. Der Schmerz, 22(5):531-543.

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