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Bianchi, V; Farisello, P; Baldelli, P; Meskenaite, V; Milanese, M; Vecellio, M; Mühlemann, S; Lipp, H P; Bonanno, G; Benfenati, F; Toniolo, D; D'Adamo, P (2009). Cognitive impairment in Gdi1-deficient mice is associated with altered synaptic vesicle pools and short-term synaptic plasticity, and can be corrected by appropriate learning training. Human Molecular Genetics, 18(1):105-117.

Konecna, A; Frischknecht, R; Kinter, J; Ludwig, A; Steuble, M; Meskenaite, V; Indermühle, M; Engel, M; Cen, Chuan; Mateos, J M; Streit, P; Sonderegger, P (2006). Calsyntenin-1 docks vesicular cargo to kinesin-1. Molecular Biology of the Cell, 17(8):3651-3663.

Schrimpf, S P; Meskenaite, V; Brunner, E; Rutishauser, D; Walther, P; Eng, J K; Aebersold, R; Sonderegger, P (2005). Proteomic analysis of synaptosomes using isotope-coded affinity tags and mass spectrometry. Proteomics, 5(10):2531-2541.

Molinari, F; Rio, M; Meskenaite, V; Encha-Razavi, F; Augé, J; Bacq, D; Briault, S; Vekemans, M; Munnich, A; Attié-Bitach, T; Sonderegger, P; Colleaux, L (2002). Truncating neurotrypsin mutation in autosomal recessive nonsyndromic mental retardation. Science, 298(5599):1779-1781.

Hintsch, G; Zurlinden, A; Meskenaite, V; Steuble, M; Fink-Widmer, K; Kinter, J; Sonderegger, P (2002). The calsyntenins--a family of postsynaptic membrane proteins with distinct neuronal expression patterns. Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience, 21(3):393-409.

Vogt, L; Schrimpf, S P; Meskenaite, V; Frischknecht, R; Kinter, J; Leone, D P; Ziegler, U; Sonderegger, P (2001). Calsyntenin-1, a proteolytically processed postsynaptic membrane protein with a cytoplasmic calcium-binding domain. Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience, 17(1):151-166.

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