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Berger, T M; Bernet, V; Schulzke, S; Fauchère, J-C; Fonatana, M; Hegi, L; Laubscher, B; Malzacher, A; Meyer, P; Muehlethaler, V; Nelle, M; Pfister, R E; Roth-Kleiner, M (2018). Support of Adaptation and Resuscitation of the Newborn Infant. http://www.neonet.ch/: Swiss Society of Neonatology.

Berger, T M; Bernet, Vera; Fauchère, Jean-Claude; Fontana, M; Hegi, L; Laubscher, B; Malzacher, A; Meyer, P; Muehlethaler, V; Nelle, M; Pfister, R E; Roth-Kleiner, M; Schulzke, S (2017). Die Unterstützung der Adaptation und Reanimation des Neugeborenen: revidierte Empfehlungen der Schweizerischen Gesellschaft für Neonatologie (2017). Paediatrica, 28(5):9-22.

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Semmler, A; Moskau, S; Lutz, H; Meyer, P; Linnebank, M (2011). Haplotype analysis of the 5,10-methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase (MTHFR) c.1298A>C (E429A) polymorphism. BMC Research Notes, 4:439.

Zingg, U; Miskovic, D; Pasternak, I; Meyer, P; Hamel, C T; Metzger, U (2008). Effect of bisacodyl on postoperative bowel motility in elective colorectal surgery: a prospective, randomized trial. International journal of colorectal disease, 23(12):1175-1183.

Hahn, F; Meyer, P; Maiwald, C; Zanetti, M; Vienne, P (2008). Treatment of chronic achilles tendinopathy and ruptures with flexor hallucis tendon transfer: clinical outcome and MRI findings. Foot & Ankle International, 29(8):794-802.

Tanner, F C; van der Loo, B; Shaw, S; Greutert, H; Bachschmid, M M; Berrozpe, M; Rozenberg, I; Blau, N; Siebenmann, R; Schmidli, J; Meyer, P; Lüscher, T F (2007). Inactivity of nitric oxide synthase gene in the atherosclerotic human carotid artery. Basic Research in Cardiology, 102(4):308-317.

Savaskan, E; Jockers, R; Ayoub, M; Angeloni, D; Fraschini, F; Flammer, J; Eckert, A; Müller-Spahn, F; Meyer, P (2007). The MT2 melatonin receptor subtype is present in human retina and decreases in Alzheimer's disease. Current Alzheimer Research, 4(1):47-51.

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Savaskan, E; Müller-Spahn, F; Meier, F; Wirz-Justice, A; Meyer, P (2004). Orexins and their receptors in the human retina. Pathobiology, 71(4):211-216.

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