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Meyer, S; Hartmann, F; Stein, P; Lenherr, R; Fuchs, J; Spahn, D R (2017). Massive coagulopathy caused by the bite of a Crotalus basiliscus snake. Anaesthesia cases:n/a.

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Meyer, S; Mumm, P; Imes, D; Endler, A; Weder, B; Al-Rasheid, K A S; Geiger, D; Marten, I; Martinoia, E; Hedrich, R (2010). AtALMT12 represents an R-type anion channel required for stomatal movement in Arabidopsis guard cells. The Plant Journal, 63(6):1054-1062.

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Meyer, S; Dutzler, R (2006). Crystal structure of the cytoplasmic domain of the chloride channel ClC-0. Structure, 14(2):299-307.

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