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Teister, Corina J; Chocano-Bedoya, Patricia O; Orav, Endel J; Dawson-Hughes, Bess; Meyer, Ursina; Meyer, Otto W; Freystaetter, Gregor; Gagesch, Michael; Rizzoli, Rene; Egli, Andreas; Theiler, Robert; Kanis, John A; Bischoff-Ferrari, Heike A (2018). Which Method of Fall Ascertainment Captures the Most Falls in Prefrail and Frail Seniors? American Journal of Epidemiology, 187(10):2243-2251.

Nardi, Marlis; Fischer, Karina; Dawson-Hughes, Bess; Orav, Endel J; Meyer, Otto W; Meyer, Ursina; Beck, Sacha; Simmen, Hans-Peter; Pape, Hans-Christoph; Egli, Andreas; Willett, Walter C; Theiler, Robert; Bischoff-Ferrari, Heike A (2018). Association between Caregiver Role and Short- and Long-Term Functional Recovery after Hip Fracture: A Prospective Study. Journal of the American Medical Directors Association, 19(2):122-129.

Meyer, Ursina; Fischbacher, Melanie; Bischoff-Ferrari, H A (2018). Die Rolle von Nahrungsproteinen für die Knochen- und Muskelgesundheit. Osteologie, 27(2):88-93.

Bischoff-Ferrari, Heike A; Orav, E John; Egli, Andreas; Dawson-Hughes, Bess; Fischer, Karina; Staehelin, Hannes B; Rizzoli, Rene; Hodler, Juerg; von Eckardstein, Arnold; Freystaetter, Gregor; Meyer, Ursina; Guggi, Thomas; Burckhardt, Peter; Schietzel, Simeon; Chocano-Bedoya, Patricia; Theiler, Robert; Willett, Walter C; Felson, David (2018). Recovery after unilateral knee replacement due to severe osteoarthritis and progression in the contralateral knee: a randomised clinical trial comparing daily 2000 IU versus 800 IU vitamin D. RMD Open, 4(2):e000678.

Theiler, Robert; Freystätter, Gregor; Meyer, Ursina; Bischoff-Ferrari, Heike Annette (2017). Gezielte Trainingstherapie zur Sekundärprävention von Stürzen und Hüftfrakturen. Praxis, 106(13):701-704.

Bischoff-Ferrari, Heike A; Fischer, Karina; Orav, Endel J; Dawson-Hughes, Bess; Meyer, Ursina; Chocano-Bedoya, Patricia O; Meyer, Otto W; Ernst, Rahel; Schietzel, Simeon; Eberli, Franz; Staehelin, Hannes B; Freystätter, Gregor; Roas, Susanne; Theiler, Robert; Egli, Andreas; Wilson, Nicholas M (2017). Statin Use and 25-Hydroxyvitamin D Blood Level Response to Vitamin D Treatment of Older Adults. Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, 65(6):1267-1273.

de Jong, Joost J A; Arts, Jacobus J; Meyer, Ursina; Willems, Paul C; Geusens, Piet P; van den Bergh, Joop P W; van Rietbergen, Bert (2016). Effect of a Cast on Short-Term Reproducibility and Bone Parameters Obtained from HR-pQCT Measurements at the Distal End of the Radius. Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery. American Volume, 98(5):356-362.

Bonani, Marco; Meyer, Ursina; Frey, Diana; Graf, Nicole; Bischoff-Ferrari, Heike A; Wüthrich, Rudolf P (2016). Effect of denosumab on peripheral compartmental bone density, microarchitecture and estimated bone strength in de novo kidney transplant recipients. Kidney & Blood Pressure Research, 41(5):614-622.

Meyer, Ursina; Ernst, Dominique; Schott, Silvia; Riera, Claudia; Hattendorf, Jan; Romkes, Jacqueline; Granacher, Urs; Goepfert, Beat; Kriemler, Susi (2015). Validation of different accelerometers to determine mechanical loading in children. Journal of Sports Sciences, 33(16):1702-1709.

Meyer, Ursina; Schindler, Christian; Bloesch, Tamara; Schmocker, Eliane; Zahner, Lukas; Puder, Jardena J; Kriemler, Susi (2014). Combined impact of negative lifestyle factors on cardiovascular risk in children: a randomized prospective study. Journal of Adolescent Health, 55(6):790-795.

Meyer, Ursina; de Jong, Joost J; Bours, Sandrine G P; Keszei, András P; Arts, Jacobus J; Brink, Peter R G; Menheere, Paul; van Geel, Tineke A C M; van Rietbergen, Bert; van den Bergh, Joop P W; Geusens, Piet P; Willems, Paul C (2014). Early changes in bone density, microarchitecture, bone resorption, and inflammation predict the clinical outcome 12 weeks after conservatively treated distal radius fractures: an exploratory study. Journal of Bone and Mineral Research, 29(9):2065-2073.

Meyer, Ursina; Ernst, Dominique; Zahner, Lukas; Schindler, Christian; Puder, Jardena J; Kraenzlin, Marius; Rizzoli, René; Kriemler, Susi (2013). 3-Year follow-up results of bone mineral content and density after a school-based physical activity randomized intervention trial. Bone, 55(1):16-22.

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