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Studer, Sabine; Hansen, Douglas A; Pianowski, Zbigniew L; Mittl, Peer R E; Debon, Aaron; Guffy, Sharon L; Der, Bryan S; Kuhlman, Brian; Hilvert, Donald (2018). Evolution of a highly active and enantiospecific metalloenzyme from short peptides. Science, 362(6420):1285-1288.

Wu, Yufan; Honegger, Annemarie; Batyuk, Alexander; Mittl, Peer R E; Plückthun, Andreas (2018). Structural Basis for the Selective Inhibition of c-Jun N-Terminal Kinase 1 Determined by Rigid DARPin-DARPin Fusions. Journal of Molecular Biology, 430(14):2128-2138.

Hansen, Simon; Ernst, Patrick; König, Sebastian L B; Reichen, Christian; Ewald, Christina; Nettels, Daniel; Mittl, Peer R E; Schuler, Benjamin; Plückthun, Andreas (2018). Curvature of designed armadillo repeat proteins allows modular peptide binding. Journal of Structural Biology, 201(2):108-117.

Pott, Moritz; Hayashi, Takahiro; Mori, Takahiro; Mittl, Peer R E; Green, Anthony P; Hilvert, Donald (2018). A noncanonical proximal heme ligand affords an efficient peroxidase in a globin fold. Journal of the American Chemical Society, 140(4):1535-1543.

Hansen, Simon; Kiefer, Jonathan D; Madhurantakam, Chaithanya; Mittl, Peer R E; Plückthun, Andreas (2017). Structures of designed armadillo repeat proteins binding to peptides fused to globular domains. Protein Science, 26(10):1942-1952.

Wu, Yufan; Batyuk, Alexander; Honegger, Annemarie; Brandl, Fabian; Mittl, Peer R E; Plückthun, Andreas (2017). Rigidly connected multispecific artificial binders with adjustable geometries. Scientific Reports, 7(1):11217.

Obexer, Richard; Godina, Alexei; Garrabou, Xavier; Mittl, Peer R E; Baker, David; Griffiths, Andrew D; Hilvert, Donald (2017). Emergence of a catalytic tetrad during evolution of a highly active artificial aldolase. Nature Chemistry, 9(1):50-56.

Green, Anthony P; Hayashi, Takahiro; Mittl, Peer R E; Hilvert, Donald (2016). A chemically programmed proximal ligand enhances the catalytic properties of a heme enzyme. Journal of the American Chemical Society, 138(35):11344-11352.

Schütz, Marco; Batyuk, Alexander; Klenk, Christoph; Kummer, Lutz; de Picciotto, Seymour; Gülbakan, Basri; Wu, Yufan; Newby, Gregory A; Zosel, Franziska; Schöppe, Jendrik; Sedlák, Erik; Mittl, Peer R E; Zenobi, Renato; Wittrup, K Dane; Plückthun, Andreas (2016). Generation of Fluorogen-Activating Designed Ankyrin Repeat Proteins (FADAs) as Versatile Sensor Tools. Journal of Molecular Biology, 428(6):1272-1289.

Hansen, Simon; Tremmel, Dirk; Madhurantakam, Chaithanya; Reichen, Christian; Mittl, Peer R E; Plückthun, Andreas (2016). Structure and Energetic Contributions of a Designed Modular Peptide-Binding Protein with Picomolar Affinity. Journal of the American Chemical Society, 138(10):3526-3532.

Reichen, Christian; Madhurantakam, Chaithanya; Hansen, Simon; Grütter, Markus G; Plückthun, Andreas; Mittl, Peer R E (2016). Structures of designed armadillo-repeat proteins show propagation of inter-repeat interface effects. Acta Crystallographica. Section D: Structural Biology, 72(Pt 1):168-175.

Reichen, Christian; Hansen, Simon; Forzani, Cristina; Honegger, Annemarie; Fleishman, Sarel J; Zhou, Ting; Parmeggiani, Fabio; Ernst, Patrick; Madhurantakam, Chaithanya; Ewald, Christina; Mittl, Peer R E; Zerbe, Oliver; Baker, David; Caflisch, Amedeo; Plückthun, Andreas (2016). Computationally Designed Armadillo Repeat Proteins for Modular Peptide Recognition. Journal of Molecular Biology, 428(22):4467-4489.

Weinert, Christopher; Morger, Damien; Djekic, Aleksandra; Grütter, Markus G; Mittl, Peer R E (2015). Crystal structure of TRIM20 C-terminal coiled-coil/B30.2 fragment: implications for the recognition of higher order oligomers. Scientific Reports, 5:10819.

Reichen, Christian; Madhurantakam, Chaithanya; Plückthun, Andreas; Mittl, Peer R E (2014). Crystal structures of designed armadillo repeat proteins: Implications of construct design and crystallization conditions on overall structure. Protein Science, 23(11):1572-1583.

Dreier, Birgit; Honegger, Annemarie; Hess, Christian; Nagy-Davidescu, Gabriela; Mittl, Peer R E; Grütter, Markus G; Belousova, Natalya; Mikheeva, Galina; Krasnykh, Victor; Plückthun, Andreas (2013). Development of a generic adenovirus delivery system based on structure-guided design of bispecific trimeric DARPin adapters. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 110(10):E869-E877.

Tschirren, Barbara; Andersson, Martin; Scherman, Kristin; Westerdahl, Helena; Mittl, Peer R E; Raberg, Lars (2013). Polymorphisms at the innate immune receptor TLR2 are associated with borrelia infection in a wild rodent population. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London, Series B: Biological Sciences, 280(1759):20130364.

Blomberg, Rebecca; Kries, Hajo; Pinkas, Daniel M; Mittl, Peer R E; Grütter, Markus G; Privett, Heidi K; Mayo, Stephen L; Hilvert, Donald (2013). Precision is essential for efficient catalysis in an evolved Kemp eliminase. Nature, 503(7476):418-421.

Putty, Kalyani; Marcus, Sarah A; Mittl, Peer R E; Bogadi, Lindsey E; Hunter, Allison M; Arur, Swathi; Berg, Douglas E; Sethu, Palaniappan; Kalia, Awdhesh (2013). Robustness of Helicobacter pylori infection conferred by context-variable redundancy among cysteine-rich paralogs. PLoS ONE, 8(3):e59560.

Schroeder, Thilo; Barandun, Jonas; Flütsch, Andreas; Briand, Christophe; Mittl, Peer R E; Grütter, Markus G (2013). Specific inhibition of caspase-3 by a competitive DARPin: molecular mimicry between native and designed inhibitors. Structure, 21(2):277-289.

Merz, Tobias; Heck, Tobias; Geueke, Birgit; Mittl, Peer R E; Briand, Christophe; Seebach, Dieter; Kohler, Hans-Peter E; Grütter, Markus G (2012). Autoproteolytic and Catalytic Mechanisms for the β-Aminopeptidase BapA-A Member of the Ntn Hydrolase Family. Structure, 20(11):1850-1860.

Roschitzki-Voser, Heidi; Schroeder, Thilo; Lenherr, Esther D; Frölich, Franziska; Schweizer, Andreas; Donepudi, Mrudula; Ganesan, Rajkumar; Mittl, Peer R E; Baici, Antonio; Grütter, Markus G (2012). Human caspases in vitro: expression, purification and kinetic characterization. Protein Expression and Purification, 84(2):236-246.

Madhurantakam, Chaithanya; Varadamsetty, Gautham; Grütter, Markus G; Plückthun, Andreas; Mittl, Peer R E (2012). Structure-based optimization of designed Armadillo-repeat proteins. Protein Science, 21(7):1015-1028.

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