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Mortezavi, Ashkan; Krauter, Johanna; Gu, Dr Alexander; Sonderer, Julian; Bruhin, Julia; Reeve, Kelly A; Held, Leonhard; Donati, Olivio F; Rupp, Niels J; Moch, Holger; Sulser, Tullio; Eberli, Daniel (2019). Extensive histological sampling following focal therapy of clinically significant prostate cancer with high-intensity focused ultrasound. Journal of Urology:Epub ahead of print.

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Batavia, Aashil A; Schraml, Peter; Moch, Holger (2019). Clear cell renal cell carcinoma with wild-type von Hippel-Lindau gene: a non-existent or new tumour entity? Histopathology, 74(1):60-67.

Rulle, Undine; Tsourti, Zoi; Casanova, Ruben; Deml, Karl-Friedrich; Verbeken, Eric; Thunnissen, Erik; Warth, Arne; Cheney, Richard; Sejda, Aleksandra; Speel, Ernst Jan; Madsen, Line Bille; Nonaka, Daisuke; Navarro, Atilio; Sansano, Irene; Marchetti, Antonio; Finn, Stephen P; Monkhorst, Kim; Kerr, Keith M; Haberecker, Martina; Wu, Chengguang; Zygoura, Panagiota; Kammler, Roswitha; Geiger, Thomas; Gendreau, Steven; Schulze, Katja; Vrugt, Bart; Wild, Peter; Moch, Holger; Weder, Walter; Ciftlik, Ata Tuna; Dafni, Urania; Peters, Solange; Bubendorf, Lukas; Stahel, Rolf; Soltermann, Alex (2018). Computer-based intensity measurement assists pathologists in scoring PTEN immunohistochemistry - Clinical associations in NSCLC patients of the ETOP Lungscape cohort. Journal of Thoracic Oncology, 13(12):1851-1863.

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Banz, Yara; Berezowska, Sabina; de Leval, Laurence; Rubbia-Brandt, Laura; Tolnay, Markus; Moch, Holger; Perren, Aurel; Hewer, Ekkehard (2018). Advancing synoptic cancer reports beyond English: the University of Bern/PathoLink approach. Virchows Archiv, 473(5):655-656.

Velagapudi, Srividya; Schraml, Peter; Yalcinkaya, Mustafa; Bolck, Hella Anna; Rohrer, Lucia; Moch, Holger; von Eckardstein, Arnold (2018). Scavenger receptor BI promotes cytoplasmic accumulation of lipoproteins in clear-cell renal cell carcinoma. Journal of Lipid Research, 59(11):2188-2201.

Galimberti, Viviana; Cole, Bernard F; Viale, Giuseppe; Veronesi, Paolo; Vicini, Elisa; Intra, Mattia; et al; Varga, Zsuzsanna; Moch, Holger (2018). Axillary dissection versus no axillary dissection in patients with breast cancer and sentinel-node micrometastases (IBCSG 23-01): 10-year follow-up of a randomised, controlled phase 3 trial. Lancet Oncology, 19(10):1385-1393.

Binder, Carmen; Matthes, Katarina Luise; Korol, Dimitri; Rohrmann, Sabine; Moch, Holger (2018). Cancer of unknown primary-Epidemiological trends and relevance of comprehensive genomic profiling. Cancer Medicine, 7(9):4814-4824.

Williamson, Sean R; Rao, Priya; Hes, Ondrej; Epstein, Jonathan I; Smith, Steven C; et al; Moch, Holger (2018). Challenges in Pathologic Staging of Renal Cell Carcinoma: A Study of Interobserver Variability Among Urologic Pathologists. American Journal of Surgical Pathology, 42(9):1253-1261.

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Vital, Domenic; Ikenberg, Kristian; Moch, Holger; Roessle, Matthias; Huber, Gerhard F (2018). The expression of the cancer testis antigen MAGE A4: A favorable prognostic biomarker in salivary gland carcinomas related to low tumor grading. Laryngoscope Investigative Otolaryngology, 3(3):182-190.

Tuma, Jan; Moch, Holger; Stuckmann, Gerd; Gysel, Walter; Serra, Andreas L (2018). Two in One: Epithelioid angiomyolipoma within a classic kidney angiomyolipoma - a case report. BMC Nephrology, 19(1):123.

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Velizheva, Nadezda P; Rechsteiner, Markus P; Valtcheva, Nadejda; Freiberger, Sandra N; Wong, Christine E; Vrugt, Bart; Zhong, Qing; Wagner, Ulrich; Moch, Holger; Hillinger, Sven; Schmitt-Opitz, Isabelle; Soltermann, Alex; Wild, Peter J; Tischler, Verena (2018). Targeted next-generation-sequencing for reliable detection of targetable rearrangements in lung adenocarcinoma-a single center retrospective study. Pathology, Research and Practice, 214(4):572-578.

Fankhauser, Christian D; Schüffler, Peter J; Gillessen, Silke; Omlin, Aurelius; Rupp, Niels J; Rueschoff, Jan H; Hermanns, Thomas; Poyet, Cedric; Sulser, Tullio; Moch, Holger; Wild, Peter J (2018). Comprehensive immunohistochemical analysis of PD-L1 shows scarce expression in castration-resistant prostate cancer. OncoTarget, 9(12):10284-10293.

Liu, He; He, Zhaoyue; Bode, Peter; Moch, Holger; Simon, Hans-Uwe (2018). Downregulation of Autophagy-Related Proteins 1, 5, and 16 in Testicular Germ Cell Tumors Parallels Lowered LC3B and Elevated p62 Levels, Suggesting Reduced Basal Autophagy. Frontiers in Oncology, 8:366.

Visentin, Michele; Torozi, Angelo; Gai, Zhibo; Hausler, Stephanie; Li, Chao; Hiller, Christian; Schraml, Peter H; Moch, Holger; Kullak-Ublick, Gerd A (2018). Fluorocholine transport mediated by the organic cation transporter 2 (OCT2,SLC22A2): implication for imaging of kidney tumors. Drug Metabolism and Disposition, 46(8):1129-1136.

Silina, Karina; Soltermann, Alex; Movahedian Attar, Farkhondeh; Casanova, Ruben; Uckeley, Zina M; Thut, Helen; Wandres, Muriel; Isajevs, Sergejs; Cheng, Phil F; Curioni Fontecedro, Alessandra; Foukas, Periklis; Levesque, Mitchell P; Moch, Holger; Linē, Aija; van den Broek, Maries (2018). Germinal centers determine the prognostic relevance of tertiary lymphoid structures and are impaired by corticosteroids in lung squamous cell carcinoma. Cancer Research, 78(5):1308-1320.

Posch, Florian; Silina, Karina; Leibl, Sebastian; Mündlein, Axel; Moch, Holger; Siebenhüner, Alexander; Samaras, Panagiotis; Riedl, Jakob; Stotz, Michael; Szkandera, Joanna; Stöger, Herbert; Pichler, Martin; Stupp, Roger; van den Broek, Maries; Schraml, Peter; Gerger, Armin; Petrausch, Ulf; Winder, Thomas (2018). Maturation of tertiary lymphoid structures and recurrence of stage II and III colorectal cancer. OncoImmunology, 7(2):e1378844.

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Gut, André; Moch, Holger; Choschzick, Matthias (2018). SOX2 Gene Amplification and Overexpression is Linked to HPV-positive Vulvar Carcinomas. International Journal of Gynecological Pathology, 37(1):68-73.

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101. Jahrestagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Pathologie e.V. – Verhandlungen. Edited by: Moch, Holger (2017). Heidelberg: Springer.

Boege, Yannick; Malehmir, Mohsen; Healy, Marc E; Wolf, Monika Julia; Böhm, Friederike; Frick, Lukas; Maire, Renaud; Moch, Holger; Heikenwalder, Mathias; Weber, Achim; Lopes, Massimo; et al (2017). A Dual Role of Caspase-8 in Triggering and Sensing Proliferation-Associated DNA Damage, a Key Determinant of Liver Cancer Development. Cancer Cell, 32(3):342-359.e10.

Rupp, Niels J; Mischo, Axel; Moch, Holger (2017). Neue und vielversprechende molekulare Therapieoptionen in verschiedenen Subtypen des Nierenzellkarzinoms. Therapeutische Umschau. Revue thérapeutique, 74(4):171-179.

Janouskova, Hana; El Tekle, Geniver; Bellini, Elisa; Udeshi, Namrata D; Rinaldi, Anna; Ulbricht, Anna; Bernasocchi, Tiziano; Civenni, Gianluca; Losa, Marco; Svinkina, Tanya; Bielski, Craig M; Kryukov, Gregory V; Cascione, Luciano; Napoli, Sara; Enchev, Radoslav I; Mutch, David G; Carney, Michael E; Berchuck, Andrew; Winterhoff, Boris J N; Broaddus, Russell R; Schraml, Peter; Moch, Holger; Bertoni, Francesco; Catapano, Carlo V; Peter, Matthias; Carr, Steven A; Garraway, Levi A; Wild, Peter J; Theurillat, Jean-Philippe P (2017). Opposing effects of cancer-type-specific SPOP mutants on BET protein degradation and sensitivity to BET inhibitors. Nature Medicine, 23(9):1046-1054.

Vital, Domenic; Huber, Gerhard F; Holzmann, David; Moch, Holger; Ikenberg, Kristian (2017). The presence of aberrant p53 pattern is a negative prognostic predictor in squamous cell carcinoma of the nasal vestibule. European Archives of Oto-Rhino-Laryngology:3503-3512.

Bogowicz, Marta; Riesterer, Oliver; Ikenberg, Kristian; Stieb, Sonja; Moch, Holger; Studer, Gabriela; Guckenberger, Matthias; Tanadini-Lang, Stephanie (2017). Computed Tomography Radiomics Predicts HPV Status and Local Tumor Control After Definitive Radiochemotherapy in Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma. International Journal of Radiation Oncology, Biology, Physics, 99(4):921-928.

Harlander, Sabine; Schönenberger, Désirée; Toussaint, Nora C; Prummer, Michael; Catalano, Antonella; Brandt, Laura; Moch, Holger; Wild, Peter J; Frew, Ian J (2017). Combined mutation in Vhl, Trp53 and Rb1 causes clear cell renal cell carcinoma in mice. Nature Medicine, 23(7):869-877.

Ciccarese, Chiara; Montironi, Rodolfo; Fiorentino, Michelangelo; Martignoni, Guido; Brunelli, Matteo; Iacovelli, Roberto; Lopez-Beltran, Antonio; Cheng, Liang; Scarpelli, Marina; Moch, Holger; Tortora, Giampaolo; Massari, Francesco (2017). Circulating Tumor cells: a reliable biomarker for prostate cancer treatment assessment? Current Drug Metabolism, 18(8):692-699.

Blanca, Ana; Cheng, Liang; Montironi, Rodolfo; Moch, Holger; Massari, Francesco; Fiorentino, Michelangelo; Raspollini, Maria Rosaria; Scarpelli, Marina; Lopez-Beltran, Antonio (2017). Mirna expression in bladder cancer and their potential role in clinical practice. Current Drug Metabolism, 18(8):712-722.

Montironi, Rodolfo; Cheng, Liang; Moch, Holger; Lopez-Beltran, Antonio; Scarpelli, Marina; Massari, Francesco; Fiorentino, Michelangelo; Ciccarese, Chiara; Koch, Michael; Kaimakliotis, Hristos Z; Wang, Lisha; Pili, Roberto; Mann, Steven A (2017). Targeting the programmed cell death-1 pathway in genitourinary tumors: current progress and future perspectives. Current Drug Metabolism, 18(8):700-711.

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Chevrier, Stéphane; Levine, Jacob Harrison; Zanotelli, Vito Riccardo Tomaso; Silina, Karina; Schulz, Daniel; Bacac, Marina; Ries, Carola Hermine; Ailles, Laurie; Jewett, Michael Alexander Spencer; Moch, Holger; van den Broek, Maries; Beisel, Christian; Stadler, Michael Beda; Gedye, Craig; Reis, Bernhard; Pe'er, Dana; Bodenmiller, Bernd (2017). An Immune Atlas of Clear Cell Renal Cell Carcinoma. Cell, 169(4):736-749.e18.

Corrò, Claudia; Hejhal, Tomas; Poyet, Cédric; Sulser, Tullio; Hermanns, Thomas; Winder, Thomas; Prager, Gerald; Wild, Peter J; Frew, Ian; Moch, Holger; Rechsteiner, Markus (2017). Detecting circulating tumor DNA in renal cancer: An open challenge. Experimental and Molecular Pathology, 102(2):255-261.

Casanova, Ruben; Xia, Daniel; Rulle, Undīne; Nanni, Paolo; Grossmann, Jonas; Vrugt, Bart; Wettstein, Reto; Ballester, Rafael; Astolfo, Alberto; Weder, Walter; Moch, Holger; Stampanoni, Marco; Beck, Andrew H; Soltermann, Alex (2017). Morphoproteomic characterization of lung squamous cell carcinoma fragmentation, a histological marker of increased tumor invasiveness. Cancer Research, 77(10):2585-2593.

Vital, Domenic; Holzmann, David; Huber, Gerhard F; Soyka, Michael B; Moch, Holger; Zimmermann, Dieter R; Ikenberg, Kristian (2017). p16(INK4a) : A surrogate marker of high-risk human papillomavirus infection in squamous cell carcinoma of the nasal vestibule. Head and Neck, 39(7):1392-1398.

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