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Kueh, J T B; Choi, K W; Williams, G M; Moehle, K; Bacsa, B; Robinson, J A; Brimble, M A (2013). Synthesis of a 6,6-Spiroketal Amino Acid and Its Incorporation into a Peptide Turn Sequence Using Solid-Phase Peptide Synthesis. Chemistry - A European Journal, 19(12):3807-3811.

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Ghasparian, A; Riedel, T; Koomullil, J; Moehle, K; Gorba, C; Svergun, D I; Perriman, A W; Mann, S; Tamborrini, M; Pluschke, G; Robinson, J A (2011). Engineered synthetic virus-like particles and their use in vaccine delivery. ChemBioChem, 12(1):100-109.

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Obrecht, D; Robinson, J A; Bernardini, F; Bisang, C; DeMarco, S J; Moehle, K; Gombert, F O (2009). Recent progress in the discovery of macrocyclic compounds as potential anti-infective therapeutics. Current Medicinal Chemistry, 16(1):42-65.

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