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Andolina, Gloria; Bencze, László-Csaba; Zerbe, Katja; Müller, Maik; Steinmann, Jessica; Kocherla, Harsha; Mondal, Milon; Sobek, Jens; Moehle, Kerstin; Malojčić, Goran; Wollscheid, Bernd; Robinson, John A (2018). A Peptidomimetic Antibiotic Interacts with the Periplasmic Domain of LptD from Pseudomonas aeruginosa. ACS Chemical Biology, 13(3):666-675.

Vetterli, Stefan U; Zerbe, Katja; Müller, Maik; Urfer, Matthias; Mondal, Milon; Wang, Shuang-Yan; Moehle, Kerstin; Zerbe, Oliver; Vitale, Alessandra; Pessi, Gabriella; Eberl, Leo; Wollscheid, Bernd; Robinson, John A (2018). Thanatin targets the intermembrane protein complex required for lipopolysaccharide transport in Escherichia coli. Science Advances, 4(11):eaau2634.

Zerbe, Katja; Moehle, Kerstin; Robinson, John A (2017). Protein epitope mimetics: from new antibiotics to supramolecular synthetic vaccines. Accounts of chemical research, 50(6):1323-1331.

Urfer, Matthias; Bogdanovic, Jasmina; Lo Monte, Fabio; Moehle, Kerstin; Zerbe, Katja; Omasits, Ulrich; Ahrens, Christian H; Pessi, Gabriella; Eberl, Leo; Robinson, John A (2016). A peptidomimetic antibiotic targets outer membrane proteins and disrupts selectively the outer membrane in Escherichia coli. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 291:1921-1932.

Moehle, Kerstin; Kocherla, Harsha; Bacsa, Bernadett; Jurt, Simon; Zerbe, Katja; Robinson, John A; Zerbe, Oliver (2016). Solution structure and dynamics of LptE from Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Biochemistry, 55(1):2936-2943.

Vetterli, Stefan U; Moehle, Kerstin; Robinson, John A (2016). Synthesis and antimicrobial activity against Pseudomonas aeruginosa of macrocyclic β-hairpin peptidomimetic antibiotics containing N-methylated amino acids. Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry, 24(24):6332-6339.

Templeton, Douglas M; Moehle, Kerstin (2014). Structural aspects of molecular recognition in the immune system. Part I: Acquired immunity (IUPAC Technical Report). Pure and Applied Chemistry, 86(10):1435-1481.

Robinson, John A; Moehle, Kerstin (2014). Structural aspects of molecular recognition in the immune system. Part II: Pattern recognition receptors. Pure and Applied Chemistry, 86(10):1483-1538.

Schmidt, Jasmin; Patora-Komisarska, Kristina; Moehle, Kerstin; Obrecht, Daniel; Robinson, John A (2013). Structural studies of β-hairpin peptidomimetic antibiotics that target LptD in Pseudomonas sp. Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry, 21(18):5806-5810.

Mann, Axel; Friedrich, Nikolas; Krarup, Anders; Weber, Jacqueline; Stiegeler, Emanuel; Dreier, Birgit; Pugach, Pavel; Robbiani, Melissa; Riedel, Tina; Moehle, Kerstin; Robinson, John A; Rusert, Peter; Plückthun, Andreas; Trkola, Alexandra (2013). Conformation-dependent recognition of HIV gp120 by designed ankyrin repeat proteins provides access to novel HIV entry inhibitors. Journal of Virology, 87(10):5868-5881.

Obrecht, Daniel; Chevalier, Eric; Moehle, Kerstin; Robinson, John A (2012). β-Hairpin protein epitope mimetic technology in drug discovery. Drug Discovery Today: Technologies, 9(1):e63-e69.

Koch, Kristian N; Hopp, Gudrun; Linden, Anthony; Moehle, Kerstin; Heimgartner, Heinz (2001). Conformational Analysis of the Cyclic Pentadepsipeptide Cyclo(Tro-Aib-Aib-Aib-Aib) in the Solid State and in Solution. Helvetica Chimica Acta, 84(2):502-512.

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