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Huber, F; Montani, M; Sulser, T; Jaggi, R; Wild, P; Moch, H; Gevensleben, H; Schmid, M; Wyder, S; Kristiansen, G (2015). Comprehensive validation of published immunohistochemical prognostic biomarkers of prostate cancer-what has gone wrong? A blueprint for the way forward in biomarker studies. British Journal of Cancer, 112:140-148.

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Fischer, M A; Nanz, D; Reiner, C S; Montani, M; Breitenstein, S; Leschka, S; Alkadhi, H; Stolzmann, P; Marincek, B; Scheffel, H (2010). Diagnostic performance and accuracy of 3-D spoiled gradient-dual-echo MRI with water- and fat-signal separation in liver-Fat quantification: Comparison to liver biopsy. Investigative Radiology, 45(8):465-470.

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Zlobec, I; Molinari, F; Kovac, M; Bihl, M P; Altermatt, H J; Diebold, J; Frick, H; Germer, M; Horcic, M; Montani, M; Singer, G; Yurtsever, H; Zettl, A; Terracciano, L; Mazzucchelli, L; Saletti, P; Frattini, M; Heinimann, K; Lugli, A (2010). Prognostic and predictive value of TOPK stratified by KRAS and BRAF gene alterations in sporadic, hereditary and metastatic colorectal cancer patients. British Journal of Cancer, 102(1):151-161.

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Montani, M; Heinimann, K; von Teichman, A; Rudolph, T; Perren, A; Moch, H (2010). VHL-gene deletion in single renal tubular epithelial cells and renal tubular cysts: further evidence for a cyst-dependent progression pathway of clear cell renal carcinoma in von Hippel-Lindau disease. The American Journal of Surgical Pathology, 34(6):806-815.

Biedermann, L; Schaer, D J; Montani, M; Speich, R; Müllhaupt, B (2009). Extensive chronic xanthogranulomatous intra-abdominal inflammation due to Mycoplasma hominis mimicking a malignancy: a case report. Journal of Medical Case Reports, 3:9211.

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Schmitt, A; Saremaslani, P; Schmid, S; Rousson, V; Montani, M; Schmid, D M; Heitz, Ph U; Komminoth, P; Perren, A (2006). IGFII and MIB1 immunohistochemistry is helpful for the differentiation of benign from malignant adrenocortical tumours. Histopathology, 49(3):298-307.

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