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Stephan, K E; Schlagenhauf, F; Huys, Q J M; Raman, S; Aponte, E A; Brodersen, K H; Rigoux, L; Moran, R J; Daunizeau, J; Dolan, R J; Friston, K J; Heinz, A (2017). Computational neuroimaging strategies for single patient predictions. NeuroImage, 145(B):180-199.

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Friston, K J; Bastos, A; Litvak, V; Stephan, K E; Fries, P; Moran, R J (2012). DCM for complex-valued data: Cross-spectra, coherence and phase-delays. NeuroImage, 59(1):439-455.

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Moran, R J; Kiebel, S J; Stephan, K E; Reilly, R B; Daunizeau, J; Friston, K J (2007). A neural mass model of spectral responses in electrophysiology. NeuroImage, 37(3):706-720.

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