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Muehlematter, Urs J; Burger, Irene A; Becker, Anton S; Schawkat, Khoschy; Hötker, Andreas M; Reiner, Cäcilia S; Müller, Julian; Rupp, Niels J; Rüschoff, Jan H; Eberli, Daniel; Donati, Olivio F (2019). Diagnostic Accuracy of Multiparametric MRI versus Ga-PSMA-11 PET/MRI for Extracapsular Extension and Seminal Vesicle Invasion in Patients with Prostate Cancer. Radiology:Epub ahead of print.

Burger, Irene A; Müller, Julian; Donati, Olivio F; Ferraro, Daniela A; Messerli, Michael; Kranzbühler, Benedikt; Ter Voert, Edwin E G W; Muehlematter, Urs J; Rupp, Niels J; Mortezavi, Ashkan; Eberli, Daniel (2019). 68Ga-PSMA-11 PET/MR detects local recurrence occult on mpMRI in prostate cancer patients after HIFU. Journal of Nuclear Medicine, 60(8):1118-1123.

Muehlematter, Urs J; Mannil, Manoj; Becker, Anton S; Vokinger, Kerstin N; Finkenstaedt, Tim; Osterhoff, Georg; Fischer, Michael A; Guggenberger, Roman (2019). Vertebral body insufficiency fractures: detection of vertebrae at risk on standard CT images using texture analysis and machine learning. European Radiology, 29(5):2207-2217.

Messerli, Michael; Kotasidis, Fotis; Burger, Irene A; Ferraro, Daniela A; Muehlematter, Urs J; Weyermann, Corina; Kenkel, David; von Schulthess, Gustav K; Kaufmann, Philipp A; Huellner, Martin W (2019). Impact of different image reconstructions on PET quantification in non-small cell lung cancer: a comparison of adenocarcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma. British Journal of Radiology, 92(1096):20180792.

Müller, Julian; Ferraro, Daniela A; Muehlematter, Urs J; Garcia Schüler, Helena I; Kedzia, Sarah; Eberli, Daniel; Guckenberger, Matthias; Kroeze, Stephanie G C; Sulser, Tullio; Schmid, Daniel M; Omlin, Aurelius; Müller, Alexander; Zilli, Thomas; John, Hubert; Kranzbuehler, Helmut; Kaufmann, Philipp A; von Schulthess, Gustav K; Burger, Irene A (2019). Clinical impact of 68Ga-PSMA-11 PET on patient management and outcome, including all patients referred for an increase in PSA level during the first year after its clinical introduction. European Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging, 46(4):889-900.

Mannil, Manoj; von Spiczak, Jochen; Muehlematter, Urs J; Thanabalasingam, Arjun; Keller, Dagmar I; Manka, Robert; Alkadhi, Hatem (2019). Texture analysis of myocardial infarction in CT: Comparison with visual analysis and impact of iterative reconstruction. European Journal of Radiology, 113:245-250.

Muehlematter, Urs J; Caviezel, Claudio; Martini, Katharina; Messerli, Michael; Vokinger, Kerstin N; Wetzler, Iris R; Tutic-Horn, Michaela; Weder, Walter; Frauenfelder, Thomas (2019). Applicability of color-coded computed tomography images in lung volume reduction surgery planning. Journal of Thoracic Disease, 11(3):766-776.

Schwyzer, Moritz; Ferraro, Daniela A; Muehlematter, Urs J; Curioni-Fontecedro, Alessandra; Huellner, Martin W; von Schulthess, Gustav K; Kaufmann, Philipp A; Burger, Irene A; Messerli, Michael (2018). Automated detection of lung cancer at ultralow dose PET/CT by deep neural networks - Initial results. Lung Cancer, 126:170-173.

Messerli, Michael; de Galiza Barbosa, Felipe; Marcon, Magda; Muehlematter, Urs J; Stolzmann, Paul; Warschkow, René; Delso, Gaspar; Ter Voert, Edwin Egw; Huellner, Martin W; Frauenfelder, Thomas; Veit-Haibach, Patrick (2018). Value of PET/MRI for assessing tumor resectability in NSCLC-intra-individual comparison with PET/CT. British Journal of Radiology:Epub ahead of print.

Muehlematter, Urs J; Rupp, Niels J; Mueller, Julia; Eberli, Daniel; Burger, Irene A (2018). 68Ga-PSMA PET/MR-positive, histopathology-proven prostate cancer in a patient with negative multiparametric prostate MRI. Clinical Nuclear Medicine, 43(8):e282-e284.

Muehlematter, Urs J; Nagel, Hannes W; Becker, Anton; Mueller, Julian; Vokinger, Kerstin N; de Galiza Barbosa, Felipe; Ter Voert, Edwin E G T; Veit-Haibach, Patrick; Burger, Irene A (2018). Correction to: impact of time-of-flight PET on quantification accuracy and lesion detection in simultaneous F-choline PET/MRI for prostate cancer. EJNMMI Research, 8(1):68.

Ter Voert, Edwin E G W; Muehlematter, Urs J; Delso, Gaspar; Pizzuto, Daniele A; Müller, Julian; Nagel, Hannes W; Burger, Irene A (2018). Quantitative performance and optimal regularization parameter in block sequential regularized expectation maximization reconstructions in clinical 68Ga-PSMA PET/MR. EJNMMI Research, 8(1):70.

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