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Robinson, Cécile A; Inci, Ilhan; Naegeli, Mirjam; Murer, Christian; Schuurmans, Macé M; Urosevic-Maiwald, Mirjana; Schüpbach, Reto; Weder, Walter; Benden, Christian (2018). Extracorporeal photopheresis as second-line treatment therapy in life-threatening primary graft dysfunction following lung transplantation. Pediatric Transplantation, 22(3):e13145.

Murer, Christian; Huber, Lars C; Kurowski, Thomas; Hirt, Astrid; Robinson, Cécile; Bürgi, Urs; Benden, Christian (2018). First experience in Switzerland in Phe508del homozygous cystic fibrosis patients with end-stage pulmonary disease enrolled in a lumacaftor-ivacaftor therapy trial – preliminary results. Swiss Medical Weekly, 148(78):w14593.

Abela, Irene A; Murer, Christian; Schuurmans, Macé M; Schmitt, Juergen W; Muller, Frabci; Imkamp, Frank; Mueller, Nicolas J; Benden, Christian (2018). A cluster of scedosporiosis in lung transplant candidates and recipients: the Zurich experience and review of the literature. Transplant Infectious Disease, 20(1):e12792.

Furian, Michael; Hartmann, Sara E; Latshang, Tsogyal D; Flueck, Deborah; Murer, Christian; Scheiwiller, Philipp M; Osmonov, Batyr; Ulrich, Silvia; Kohler, Malcolm; Poulin, Marc J; Bloch, Konrad E (2018). Exercise Performance of Lowlanders with COPD at 2,590 m: Data from a Randomized Trial. Respiration, 95(6):422-432.

Furian, Michael; Flueck, Deborah; Latshang, Tsogyal D; Scheiwiller, Philipp M; Segitz, Sebastian Daniel; Mueller-Mottet, Séverine; Murer, Christian; Steiner, Adrian; Ulrich, Silvia; Rothe, Thomas; Kohler, Malcolm; Bloch, Konrad E (2018). Exercise performance and symptoms in lowlanders with COPD ascending to moderate altitude: randomized trial. International Journal of COPD, 13:3529-3538.

Robinson, Cécile A; Huber, Lars; Murer, Christian; Schuurmans, Macé; Kohler, Malcolm; Hofbauer, Günther; Benden, Christian (2017). Cessation of extracorporeal photopheresis in chronic lung allograft dysfunction: effects on clinical outcome in adults. Swiss Medical Weekly, 147:w14429.

Schwarz, Esther I; Vrugt, Bart; Huber, Lars C; Murer, Christian; Schuurmans, Mace M; Inci, Ilhan; Benden, Christian (2017). Development of allograft cancer after lung transplantation: a case report. Annals of thoracic and cardiovascular surgery : official journal of the Association of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgeons of Asia, 23(4):196-199.

Speck, Nicole E; Schuurmans, Macé M; Murer, Christian; Benden, Christian; Huber, Lars C (2016). Diagnostic value of plasma and bronchoalveolar lavage samples in acute lung allograft rejection: differential cytology. Respiratory Research, 17(1):74.

Murer, Christian; Benden, Christian (2016). Lungentransplantation bei Patienten mit interstitieller Lungenerkrankung/idiopathisch pulmonaler Fibrose. Therapeutische Umschau. Revue thérapeutique, 73:43-45.

Murer, Christian; Benden, Christian; Huber, Lars C (2016). Lungentransplantation bei zystischer Fibrose. Leading Opinions, 2(16):54-56.

Hangartner, Nina; Schuurmans, Macé Matthew; Murer, Christian; Benden, Christian; Huber, Lars Christian (2016). Therapeutic options for bronchiolitis obliterans Syndrome after lung transplantation. Eurasien Journal of Pulmonology:63-69.

Hedel, Hubertus J A; Murer, Christian; Dietz, Volker; Curt, Armin (2007). The amplitude of lower leg motor evoked potentials is a reliable measure when controlled for torque and motor task. Journal of Neurology, 254(8):1089-1098.

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