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Mabit, H; Nakano, M Y; Prank, U; Saam, B; Döhner, K; Sodeik, B; Greber, U F (2002). Intact microtubules support adenovirus and herpes simplex virus infections. Journal of Virology, 76(19):9962-9971.

Künzi, V; Glatzel, M; Nakano, M Y; Greber, U F; Van Leuven, F; Aguzzi, A (2002). Unhampered prion neuroinvasion despite impaired fast axonal transport in transgenic mice overexpressing four-repeat tau. Journal of Neuroscience, 22(17):7471-7477.

Giannakakou, P; Nakano, M Y; Nicolaou, K C; O'Brate, A; Yu, J; Blagosklonny, M V; Greber, U F; Fojo, T (2002). Enhanced microtubule-dependent trafficking and p53 nuclear accumulation by suppression of microtubule dynamics. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS), 99(16):10855-10860.

Saydam, N; Georgiev, O; Nakano, M Y; Greber, U F; Schaffner, W (2001). Nucleo-cytoplasmic trafficking of metal-regulatory transcription factor 1 is regulated by diverse stress signals. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 276(27):25487-25495.

Suomalainen, M; Nakano, M Y; Boucke, K; Keller, S; Greber, U F (2001). Adenovirus-activated PKA and p38/MAPK pathways boost microtubule-mediated nuclear targeting of virus. The EMBO Journal, 20(6):1310-1319.

Nakano, M Y; Boucke, K; Suomalainen, M; Stidwill, R P; Greber, U F (2000). The first step of adenovirus type 2 disassembly occurs at the cell surface, independently of endocytosis and escape to the cytosol. Journal of Virology, 74(15):7085-7095.

Nakano, M Y; Greber, U F (2000). Quantitative microscopy of fluorescent adenovirus entry. Journal of Structural Biology, 129(1):57-68.

Suomalainen, M; Nakano, M Y; Keller, S; Boucke, K; Stidwill, R P; Greber, U F (1999). Microtubule-dependent plus- and minus end-directed motilities are competing processes for nuclear targeting of adenovirus. Journal of Cell Biology, 144(4):657-672.

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