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Pecoraro, F; Lachat, Mario L; Cayne, N S; Pakeliani, D; Rancic, Z; Puippe, G; Criado, F J; Pfammatter, T; Veith, F J; Krüger, B; Neff, T A (2017). Mid-term results of chimney and periscope grafts in supra-aortic branches in high risk patients. European Journal of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery, 54(3):295-302.

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De Conno, E; Steurer, M P; Wittlinger, M; Zalunardo, M P; Weder, W; Schneiter, D; Schimmer, R C; Klaghofer, R; Neff, T A; Schmid, E R; Spahn, D R; Roth Z'graggen, B; Urner, M; Beck-Schimmer, B (2009). Anesthetic-induced improvement of the inflammatory response to one-lung ventilation. Anesthesiology, 110(6):1316-1326.

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Neff, T A; Stocker, R; Frey, H R; Stein, S; Russi, E W (2003). Long-term assessment of lung function in survivors of severe ARDS. Chest, 123(3):845-853.

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