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Frommer, K W; Zimmermann, B; Meier, F M P; Schröder, D; Heil, M; Schäffler, A; Büchler, C; Steinmeyer, J; Brentano, F; Gay, S; Müller-Ladner, U; Neumann, E (2010). Adiponectin-mediated changes in effector cells involved in the pathophysiology of rheumatoid arthritis. Arthritis and Rheumatism, 62(10):2886-2899.

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Geyer, M; Grässel, S; Straub, R H; Schett, G; Dinser, R; Grifka, J; Gay, S; Neumann, E; Müller-Ladner, U (2009). Differential transcriptome analysis of intraarticular lesional vs intact cartilage reveals new candidate genes in osteoarthritis pathophysiology. Osteoarthritis and Cartilage, 17(3):328-335.

Kurowska-Stolarska, M; Distler, J H; Jüngel, A; Rudnicka, W; Neumann, E; Pap, T; Wenger, R H; Michel, B A; Müller-Ladner, U; Gay, R E; Maslinski, W; Gay, S; Distler, O (2009). Inhibitor of DNA binding/differentiation 2 induced by hypoxia promotes synovial fibroblast-dependent osteoclastogenesis. Arthritis and Rheumatism, 60(12):3663-3675.

Müller-Ladner, U; Distler, O; Ibba-Manneschi, L; Neumann, E; Gay, S (2009). Mechanisms of vascular damage in systemic sclerosis. Autoimmunity, 42(7):587-595.

Lefèvre, S; Knedla, A; Tennie, C; Kampmann, A; Wunrau, C; Dinser, R; Korb, A; Schnäker, E M; Tarner, I H; Robbins, P D; Evans, C H; Stürz, H; Steinmeyer, J; Gay, S; Schölmerich, J; Pap, T; Müller-Ladner, U; Neumann, E (2009). Synovial fibroblasts spread rheumatoid arthritis to unaffected joints. Nature Medicine, 15(12):1414-1420.

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