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De Wild, Michael; Ghayor, Chafik; Zimmermann, Simon; Rüegg, Jasmine; Nicholls, Flora; Schuler, Felix; Chen, Tse-Hsiang; Weber, Franz E (2019). Osteoconductive Lattice Microarchitecture for Optimized Bone Regeneration. 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing, 6(1):40-49.

Leonardi, Irina; Gerstgrasser, Alexandra; Schmidt, Thomas S B; Nicholls, Flora; Tewes, Bernhard; Greinwald, Roland; von Mering, Christian; Rogler, Gerhard; Frey-Wagner, Isabelle (2017). Preventive Trichuris suis ova (TSO) treatment protects immunocompetent rabbits from DSS colitis but may be detrimental under conditions of immunosuppression. Scientific Reports, 7(1):16500.

Nicholls, Flora; Bäuerle, Vroni; Buschmann, Johanna (2017). Casting hind legs of rabbits after full transection of Achilles tendons – impact of cast’s color and composition. Journal of veterinary clinical practice & pet care:1-8.

Jentzsch, Thorsten; Zimmermann, Stefan M; Nicholls, Flora; Cinelli, Paolo; Simmen, Hans-Peter; Werner, Clément M L (2016). Echinomycin did not affect the safety of fracture healing: an experimental pilot study on a murine femur fracture model. Patient Safety in Surgery, 10:7.

Leonardi, Irina; Nicholls, Flora; Atrott, Kirstin; Cee, Alexandra; Tewes, Bernhard; Greinwald, Roland; Rogler, Gerhard; Frey-Wagner, Isabelle (2015). Oral administration of dextran sodium sulphate induces a caecum-localized colitis in rabbits. International Journal of Experimental Pathology, 96(3):151-162.

Waschkies, Conny; Nicholls, Flora; Buschmann, Johanna (2015). Comparison of medetomidine, thiopental and ketamine/midazolam anesthesia in chick embryos for in ovo Magnetic Resonance Imaging free of motion artifacts. Scientific Reports, 5(15536):online.

Marroquin Belaunzaran, Osiris; Kleber, Sascha; Schauer, Stefan; Hausmann, Martin; Nicholls, Flora; van den Broek, Maries; Payeli, Sravan; Ciurea, Adrian; Milling, Simon; Stenner, Frank; Shaw, Jackie; Kollnberger, Simon; Bowness, Paul; Petrausch, Ulf; Renner, Christoph (2015). HLA-B27-Homodimer-Specific Antibody Modulates the Expansion of Pro-Inflammatory T-Cells in HLA-B27 Transgenic Rats. PLoS ONE, 10(6):e0130811.

Buschmann, Johanna; Müller, Angela; Nicholls, Flora; Achermann, Rita; Bürgisser, Gabriella Meier; Baumgartner, Walter; Calcagni, Maurizio; Giovanoli, Pietro (2013). 2D motion analysis of rabbits after Achilles tendon rupture repair and histological analysis of extracted tendons: can the number of animals be reduced by operating both hind legs simultaneously? Injury, 44(10):1302-1308.

Cesarovic, Nikola; Jirkof, Paulin; Rettich, Andreas; Nicholls, Flora; Arras, Margarete (2012). Combining sevoflurane anesthesia with fentanyl-midazolam or s-ketamine in laboratory mice. Journal of the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science, 51(2):209-218.

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