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Hartmann, D; Honnens, A; Piechotta, M; Lüttgenau, J; Niemann, H; Rath, D; Bollwein, H (2013). Effects of a protracted induction of parturition on the incidence of retained placenta and assessment of uterine artery blood flow as a measure of placental maturation in cattle. Theriogenology, 80(3):176-184.

Hartmann, D; Bollwein, H; Honnens, A; Niemann, H; Rath, D; Pfarrer, C (2013). Protracted induction of parturition enhances placental maturation, but does not influence incidence of placntal retention in cows. Theriogenology, 80(3):185-192.

Herzog, K; Voss, C; Kastelic, J P; Beindorff, N; Paul, V; Niemann, H; Bollwein, Heiner (2011). Luteal blood flow increases during the first three weeks of pregnancy in lactating dairy cows. Theriogenology, 75(3):549-554.

Bollwein, Heiner; Prost, D; Ulbrich, S E; Niemann, H; Honnens, A (2010). Effects of a shortened preovulatory follicular phase on genital blood flow and endometrial hormone receptor concentrations in Holstein-Friesian cows. Theriogenology, 73(2):242-249.

Herzog, K; Brockhan-Lüdemann, M; Kaske, M; Beindorff, N; Paul, V; Niemann, H; Bollwein, Heiner (2010). Luteal blood flow is a more appropriate indicator for luteal function during the bovine estrous cycle than luteal size. Theriogenology, 73(5):691-697.

Honnens, A; Niemann, H; Herzog, K; Paul, V; Meyer, H H D; Bollwein, Heiner (2009). Relationships between ovarian blood flow and ovarian response to eCG-treatment of dairy cows. Animal Reproduction Science, 113(1-4):1-10.

Honnens, A; Voss, C; Herzog, K; Niemann, H; Rath, D; Bollwein, Heiner (2008). Uterine blood flow during the first 3 weeks of pregnancy in dairy cows. Theriogenology, 70(7):1048-1056.

Honnens, A; Niemann, H; Paul, V; Meyer, H H D; Bollwein, Heiner (2008). Doppler sonography of the uterine arteries during a superovulatory regime in cattle. Uterine blood flow in superovulated cattle. Theriogenology, 70(5):859-867.

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