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Tatalovic, Milos; Lehmann, Roger; Cheetham, Marcus; Nowak, Albina; Battegay, Edouard; Rampini, Silvana K (2019). Management of hyperglycaemia in persons with non-insulin-dependent type 2 diabetes mellitus who are started on systemic glucocorticoid therapy: a systematic review. BMJ Open, 9(5):e028914.

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Tamò, Raphaël; Zweifel, Sandrine A; Beuschlein, Felix; Nowak, Albina (2018). Morbus Fabry - das Porträt einer seltenen Erkrankung. Therapeutische Umschau. Revue thérapeutique, 75(4):217-224.

Tamò, Raphaël; Hochuli, Michel; Beuschlein, Felix; Nowak, Albina (2018). Morbus Gaucher – ein Überblick über eine Sphingolipidose. Therapeutische Umschau. Revue thérapeutique, 75(4):209-214.

Nowak, Albina; Giger, Rebekka S; Krayenbuehl, Pierre-Alexandre (2018). Higher age at diagnosis of hemochromatosis is the strongest predictor of the occurrence of hepatocellular carcinoma in the Swiss hemochromatosis cohort: A prospective longitudinal observational study. Medicine, 97(42):e12886.

Kölling, Malte; Seeger, Harald; Haddad, George; Kistler, Andreas; Nowak, Albina; Faulhaber-Walter, Robert; Kielstein, Jan; Haller, Hermann; Fliser, Danilo; Mueller, Thomas; Wüthrich, Rudolf P; Lorenzen, Johan M (2018). The Circular RNA Predicts Survival in Critically Ill Patients With Acute Kidney Injury. Kidney International Reports, 3(5):1144-1152.

Nowak, Albina; Siegenthaler, Martin; Namdar, Mehdi; Ruschitzka, Frank (2018). Reply: Impact of Cardio-Renal Syndrome on adverse outcomes in patients with Fabry disease in a long-term follow-up. International Journal of Cardiology, 258:206.

Menghini, Moreno; Prünte, Christian; Krayenbuehl, Pierre A; Nowak, Albina (2018). Assessment of drusen and other retinal degenerative changes in patients with hereditary hemochromatosis. Retina, 38(3):594-599.

Annema, Wijtske; Nowak, Albina; von Eckardstein, Arnold; Saleh, Lanja (2018). Evaluation of the new restandardized Abbott Architect 25-OH Vitamin D assay in vitamin D-insufficient and vitamin D-supplemented individuals. Journal of Clinical Laboratory Analysis, 32(4):e22328.

Nowak, Albina; Mechtler, Thomas P; Hornemann, Thorsten; Gawinecka, Joanna; Theswet, Eva; Hilz, Max J; Kasper, David C (2018). Genotype, phenotype and disease severity reflected by serum LysoGb3 levels in patients with Fabry disease. Molecular Genetics and Metabolism, 123(2):148-153.

Franzen, Daniel; Haile, Sarah R; Kasper, David C; Mechtler, Thomas P; Flammer, Andreas J; Krayenbühl, Pierre A; Nowak, Albina (2018). Pulmonary involvement in Fabry disease: effect of plasma globotriaosylsphingosine and time to initiation of enzyme replacement therapy. BMJ Open Respiratory Research, 5:e000277.

Nowak, Albina. Inborn Rare Diseases with Multiorgan Involvement – a challenge in Adult Internal Medicine: Fabry Disease as an example. 2017, University of Zurich, Faculty of Medicine.

Siegenthaler, M; Huynh-Do, Uyen; Krayenbuehl, P; Pollock, E; Widmer, U; Debaix, H; Olinger, E; Frank, M; Namdar, M; Ruschitzka, F; Nowak, Albina (2017). Impact of cardio-renal syndrome on adverse outcomes in patients with Fabry disease in a long-term follow-up. International Journal of Cardiology, 249:261-267.

Saleh, Lanja; Tang, Jonathan; Gawinecka, Joanna; Boesch, Lukas; Fraser, William D; von Eckardstein, Arnold; Nowak, Albina (2017). Impact of a single oral dose of 100,000 IU vitamin D3 on profiles of serum 25(OH)D3 and its metabolites 24,25(OH)2D3, 3-epi-25(OH)D3, and 1,25(OH)2D3 in adults with vitamin D insufficiency. Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine, 55(12):1912-1921.

Lüthi, Liudmila; Kistler, Andreas; Nowak, Albina (2017). CME-Antworten zu den Fragen zu «Hyperkaliämie bei Patienten mit chronischer Hämodialyse» aus Praxis Nr. 11. Praxis, 106(12):679.

Nowak, Albina; Mechtler, Thomas; Kasper, David C; Desnick, Robert J (2017). Correlation of Lyso-Gb3 levels in dried blood spots and sera from patients with classic and Later-Onset Fabry disease. Molecular Genetics and Metabolism, 121(4):320-324.

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Lecheler, Leopold; Richter, Maximilian; Franzen, Daniel P; Rampini, Silvana K; Cheetham, Marcus; Jenewein, Josef; Battegay, Edouard; Nowak, Albina (2017). The frequent and underrecognised co-occurrence of acute exacerbated COPD and depression warrants screening: a systematic review. European Respiratory Review, 26(144):170026.

Nowak, Albina; Boesch, Lukas; Andres, Erik; Battegay, Edouard; Hornemann, Thorsten; Schmid, Christoph; Bischoff-Ferrari, Heike A; Suter, Paolo M; Krayenbuehl, Pierre-Alexandre (2016). Effect of vitamin D3 on self-perceived fatigue: A double-blind randomized placebo-controlled trial. Medicine, 95(52):e5353.

Schreiner, Florentine; Krayenbühl, Pierre-Alexandre; Goede, Jeroen S; Nowak, Albina (2016). CME: Zufallsbefund Hyperferritinämie. Praxis, 105:543-551.

Schmied, Christian; Nowak, Albina; Gruner, Christiane; Olinger, Eric; Debaix, Huguette; Brauchlin, Andreas; Frank, Michelle; Reidt, Saskia; Monney, Pierre; Barbey, Frédéric; Shah, Dipen; Namdar, M (2016). The value of ECG parameters as markers of treatment response in Fabry cardiomyopathy. Heart, 102(16):1309-1314.

Nowak, Albina; Boesch, Lukas; Andres, Erik; Battegay, Edouard; Hornemann, Thorsten; Schmid, Christoph; Bischoff-Ferrari, Heike A; Suter, Paolo M; Krayenbuehl, Pierre-Alexandre (2016). Effect of vitamin D3 on self-perceived fatigue. Medicine, 95(52):e5353.

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Weidmann, Zoraida Moreno; Breidthardt, Tobias; Twerenbold, Raphael; Züsli, Christina; Nowak, Albina; von Eckardstein, Arnold; Erne, Paul; Rentsch, Katharina; de Oliveira, Mucio T; Gualandro, Danielle; Maeder, Micha T; Gimenez, Maria Rubini; Pershyna, Kateryna; Stallone, Fabio; Haas, Laurent; Jaeger, Cedric; Wildi, Karin; Puelacher, Christian; Honegger, Ursina; Wagener, Max; Wittmer, Severin; Schumacher, Carmela; Krivoshei, Lian; Hillinger, Petra; Osswald, Stefan; Mueller, Christian (2015). Prediction of mortality using quantification of renal function in acute heart failure. International Journal of Cardiology, 201:650-657.

Artunc, F; Nowak, Albina; Müller, Christian L; Peter, Andreas; Heyne, Nils; Häring, Hans-Ulrich; Friedrich, Björn (2014). Mortality prediction using modern peptide biomarkers in hemodialysis patients: a comparative analysis. Kidney & Blood Pressure Research, 39(6):563-571.

Muskalla, Anne M; Suter, Paolo M; Saur, Matthias; Nowak, Albina; Hersberger, Martin; Krayenbuehl, Pierre-Alexandre (2014). G-Protein Receptor Kinase 4 Polymorphism and Response to Antihypertensive Therapy. Clinical Chemistry, 60(12):1543-1548.

Nowak, Albina; Göhner, Katja; Cohen, Clemens D (2014). Caplan-Syndrom: eine untypische Differenzial- diagnose des «pulmorenalen» Syndroms. Praxis, 103(5):279-284.

Artunc, F; Nowak, Albina; Müller, Christian L; Breidthardt, T; Twerenbold, R; Wagner, R; Peters, A; Häring, Hans-Ulrich; Ebmeyer, Stefan; Friedrich, Björn (2014). Plasma concentrations of the vasoactive peptide fragments mid-regional pro-adrenomedullin, C-terminal pro-endothelin 1 and copeptin in hemodialysis patients: associated factors and prediction of mortality. PLoS ONE, 9(1):86148-6148.

Nowak, Albina; Friedrich, Björn; Artunc, Ferruh; Serra, Andreas L; Breidthardt, Tobias; Twerenbold, Raphael; Peter, Myriam; Mueller, Christian (2014). Prognostic Value and Link to Atrial Fibrillation of Soluble Klotho and FGF23 in Hemodialysis Patients. PLoS ONE, 9(7):e100688.

Fauchère, Ivan; Weber, Daniela; Maier, Willibald; Altwegg, Lukas; Lüscher, Thomas F; Grünenfelder, Jürg; Nowak, Albina; Tüller, David; Genoni, Michele; Falk, Volkmar; Hermann, Matthias (2014). Rehabilitation after TAVI compared to surgical aortic valve replacement. International Journal of Cardiology, 173(3):564-566.

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Nowak, Albina; Breidthardt, Tobias; Dejung, Sarah; Christ-Crain, Mirjam; Bingisser, Roland; Drexler, Beatrice; Meune, Christophe; Marono, David; Mosimann, Tamina; Müller, Beat; Müller, Christian (2013). Natriuretic peptides for early prediction of acute kidney injury in community-acquired pneumonia. Clinica Chimica Acta, 419:67-72.

Hakman, Patrick; Vallelian, Florence; Nowak, Albina (2013). Riesenzellarteriitis. Praxis, 102(12):703-708; quiz 709.

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